People Are Only Just Realising Christina Ricci Played Wednesday Addams Before Jenna Ortega


The popular Netflix series follows a young goth who takes on the challenge of enrolling at a new high school.
YouTube: Netflix

She finds herself looking into a murder spree along the road, in addition to making new acquaintances – and enemies – along the way.

Since Wednesday made its streaming platform premiere, it has received mostly favourable reviews, particularly with reference to Ortega’s performance.

Film Inquiry’s Stephanie Archer stated the following in her review: “Helmed by director Tim Burton and commanded to life by Jenna Ortega, Wednesday is a vital addition to the franchise of the Addams Family, proving the franchise is far from dead.”

When they discovered that Ricci, who portrayed the role in the 1991 classic films The Addams Family and its follow-up, Addams Family Values, makes a surprise appearance during the course of the series, many fans were overjoyed.

YouTube: Aijalon Films Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams

Some, however, remarked that even while Ricci appeared to be very recognisable, it took them some time to figure it out.

One user posted on social media: “I just found out that the redhead teacher in Wednesday is literally played by Christina Ricci aka HER???”

Another fan added: “Just realised Christina Ricci is in Wednesday Netflix and she played Wednesday when she was younger. I love this.”

“I don’t think a lot of people know this but Christina Ricci who plays Ms Thornhill plays the original Wednesday Addams,” wrote a third person.

Others have expressed how much they enjoyed seeing the couple interact on screen.

“Christina Ricci and Jenna Ortega interacting on #wednesdaynetflix. It’s the most epic interaction ever,” one tweeted. 

Another added: “Jenna Ortega made me love the character even more. She killed it.

“And the fact they got Christina Ricci to be part of it? Too meta. I’ll be so looking forward to Season 2.”

Will there be a Wednesday Season 2?