Man Gets Six-Pack Tattooed On Belly To Make Sure He’s ‘Summer Ready’


A man got a pair of rock-hard six-pack abs tattooed onto his tummy to ensure he will always be prepared for the summer.

Although it may seem a little early to start thinking about preparing for the warmer weather, we are already in the third month of 2023, and before we know it, the sun will be blazing down on us with great intensity.

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For many people, this will entail hitting the gym and changing their diet to include the correct foods, but one astute man has embodied the phrase “work smarter, not harder” with an inventive tattoo.

He made the decision to only get the appearance of a six-pack without going through the trouble of obtaining or maintaining a toned belly, clearly questioning why anyone would deal with the difficult labour of training and nutrition.

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It only took him two days with a tattoo artist to get the tattoo, which is much less time than he would need to spend working up a sweat at the gym. The tattoo guarantees that he will always have a body that is ready for summer.

Dean Gunther, a tattoo artist from Manchester, said he enjoyed the challenge of tattooing a six-pack onto someone after witnessing past attempts at the same thing that were unsuccessful.

Dean said: “He always wanted to have a six-pack but he’s not too keen on going to the gym or doing a diet.

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“So, he decided that by getting a six-pack tattoo, he will always look summer ready while still being able to enjoy beer and good food.

“I was excited to do this tattoo because I’ve seen someone do it before, but it didn’t look realistic, and it was basic black outlines. So, I decided to take on this challenge and do it completely differently. It’s been one of my most unusual requests, but I am all for it.”

Overall, the tattoo of a six-pack looks very decent, and given that it would be somewhat noticeable, you’d really hope it does for the sake of the guy who wants it.

Instead of having one of those extremely hideous tattoos that everyone can see and that just look terrible, he has managed to get tattooed in such a way that his belly can be mistaken for a six-pack from a distance.

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Similar to the woman who had “L” and “R” tattooed on her hands so she could always discern left from right, this tattoo similarly serves a functional purpose.

Here’s hoping he enjoys his tattoo for years to come and impresses everyone when it’s time to get shirts off for summer.