Ed Sheeran To Launch His ‘Own Extra Strength Sun Cream’ For Gingers


He believes that having ginger hair would help him in marketing.
According to reports, Ed Sheeran is entering the beauty industry by introducing a factor 70 extra-strong sunscreen for gingers.

The hitmaker already owns a restaurant and a management company, but it appears that he is considering starting a new business.

The musician, 31, who has a net worth of £260 million, believes that his own fair skin and ginger hair would provide him a competitive edge since people would believe him to be knowledgeable in his field.

Explaining that it would be “for fun”, the hitmaker shared: “You would buy sun cream if my face was on it.

“Because you’d be like ‘He definitely knows what he’s talking about’ If you were going to a hot country and you needed Factor 70.”

There might have been a few redheads and gingers who would have liked some factor 70 this summer during the heatwave.