If Kids’ Drawings Were Real, We’d Be Terrified


Kids aren’t exactly the best artists, but their attempts at art are pretty cute, right? You’d think so, but when their drawings are put into real life context, they are nothing short of nightmare fuel. Prepare to recoil in horror at these terrifying masterpieces…

Wait, I thought we all had four sets of teeth? Nope, apparently it’s just this guy. Either way, he looks pretty pleased to see you.

Two eyes on the side of your head – seems pretty normal to me. This one is actually impressive for its resemblance to Sloth from The Goonies, with a Picasso twist to make him look extra warped. I’m not sure whether that’s a nose or an ear, or why it’s got a hole in it, but with sharp gnashers like that I’d rather not stick around to find out…

This guy could definitely be a politician and no-one would even question it. The six blunt teeth, triangle nose, and bizarre tiny glasses are all brilliant touches.

This drawing is actually pretty good, but it still looks like a monstrosity on a real person. The facial features themselves don’t look bad, but the lack of forehead combined with the bulging cheeks makes you forget about that completely. Oh, and how could we forget those frankly huge ears.

Who needs a real giraffe when you can have this instead? In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind if this one existed in real life. The face is pretty darn cute, and it’s got a unique body shape to say the least. Most giraffes have hundreds of spots, but this guy is doing just fine with eight.

Ah yes, seals. Those underwater creatures with four giant teeth sticking out like Bugs Bunny. This isn’t the scariest depiction to ever exist, but I’d definitely prefer to keep seals the way they are for now. Or at least give this one an electric toothbrush.

Ever wondered what happens when dog breeders take it a step too far and get rid of the noses altogether? Well, here you go. Other than that, these guys don’t look too unusual, and in fact their tiny tongues look great. They seem happy, although those cartoonish eyes probably wouldn’t be so welcoming if you woke up in the middle of the night and saw them.

Ok, I’ll go ahead and say it – this is a more accurate version of a bird than I could ever come up with. Maybe they don’t have smiley mouths, but other than that I see no issues. Well done kid.

This kid must be pretty observant to draw a car with a roof box. It may not be the most spacious or well-shaped, but look on the bright side – the windows will give you a decent view. 

Did someone say demon duck? Tbh, ducks, geese, swans, and those types of birds can be a bit scary, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be chased by one. Anyway, have you ever seen inside a duck’s mouth? Didn’t think so – who’s to say they don’t have pointy teeth. Take this picture as a warning not to mess with them.

Ummm, this may be the least chilled horse of all time. I don’t even want to know what he’s plotting. Not that he could do much damage with those four square teeth.

Now this is the type of duck that deserves support. I’m starting a petition to introduce these friendly guys into the wild immediately.

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