Kendall Jenner Accused Of Major Photoshop Fail In Bikini Snap


In her most recent bikini shot, Kendall Jenner has been charged with significant photoshop failure.

One of the highest-paid models in the world, Jenner, 27, has appeared in numerous Vogue issues.

Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter will occasionally appear on The Kardashians, the reality television series about her family, when she isn’t walking the catwalk.

Of her sisters, Jenner is probably the one who will keep things quiet the longest.

The creator of 818 Tequila, however, is currently in the news after her most recent Instagram post went viral.

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On the social media site, Jenner posted multiple pictures of herself with the comment “31 hours.”

About 6.5 million people have liked the image, and countless more are praising about her beauty in the comments.

Addison Rae, a famous TikTok user, comments, “My favourite post of yours ever.”

While Kris Jenner writes, “You are perfect.”

But the model’s fourth image, which depicts her hands looking unusually slender, has confused some of Jenner’s fans.

One individual says, in reference to the alleged retouching, “This is getting out of HAND”

“What’s with the long hand, hun?” another follower asks.

Someone else jokes “What in the Elastigirl hand is going on?”

Fans, however, are claiming in the comments section that Jenner just naturally has long hands.

One of her supporters defends her, writing: “Stop with the hand thing!! she has long fingers and a thin hand, it’s normal.”  

“You guys have never heard about lens distortion right? Chill.” another responds.

Jenner and her BFF Hailey Bieber, 26, have responded to the charges of retouching on Instagram.

On Bieber’s instagram story, she zooms in on Jenner’s hand and says: “We’re sitting here analysing… look how bizarre her hand looks normally.”

She adds, zooming in, “This is live. Live footage of the hand.”

Kendall laughs saying: “It’s crazy!” 

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Yet this isn’t the first time that 5ft 10in Jenner has faced ridicule for her naturally long and slim figure.

The Vogue cover girl published a photo of herself wearing black sandals last year, and it was met with a barrage of insulting comments.

Then she declared that she would “block all the toe comments”. 

Since she was a teenager, Jenner reportedly has endured nasty remarks about her toes.

The model jokingly claimed that she has “the longest toes in the world” in an interview with Elle magazine.

Jenner told the tabloid (via MailOnline): “They’re spider toes. They are! I have spider fingers, too!”

Jenner isn’t the only one of her sisters to have been accused of photoshopping images.

Her older sister Kim Kardashian, 42, has already been accused with manipulating a photo of herself during a workout.

The owner of SKIMS is seen in the image wearing a light blue two-piece that accentuates her desirable curves.

Many others, however, argued in the comments that the exercise machine behind her had a weird ‘bend’

One follower said at the time: “The side of the table is bent, I never knew tables could bend!”

While another user said: “Fire whoever is editing your pictures, please Kim.”