Savvy Mother Reveals The ‘Genius’ Bunk Bed Hack She Used To Create Two Separate Rooms For Her Daughters (And People Are VERY Impressed)


A savvy mother who revealed how she used bunk beds to divide her daughters’ rooms has been branded a “genius.”

Mother-of-two As she started the project in August 2020, Sharlene Tait, a British woman, claimed that she wanted to provide her children their own space.

Posting on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, the thrifty parent said she and her father came up with an easy way to effectively split the girls’ bedroom in two.

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She started by pulling the bunk bed away from the wall and setting it in the middle of the space.

They placed a wooden panel opposite to Sharlene’s eldest daughter’s bed and her sister’s bunk because she occupies the top bunk, thereby “blocking off” this side of the room.

Sharlene’s eldest daughter’s living space after the makeover was complete. She added a wooden panel next to the bunk bed and opted for a blue and silver colour scheme.
Her younger daughter’s bed was enclosed by wooden panels and followed a pretty pink and mustard colour scheme

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Sharlene then painted her daughter’s room’s two far walls a soft pastel blue to match her new vanity and chest of drawers. Next to her daughter’s bed, she added a sticker which read: ‘When it’s raining, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for stars.’ 

The space for Sharlene’s younger daughter has a pink and mustard yellow colour scheme, and Sharlene and her father later constructed an archway.

The couple constructed a frame around her bed to showcase her toys and artwork after also enclosing her bunk.

The young girl has a small TV that is perched on her own toy storage cabinets, a wooden coat hook, a book box, and other items next to her bed.

Sharlene and her father debated if there would be enough room to complete the DIY project before starting.

She added: ‘The room before splitting was 2.9 metres by 4.2 metres so it wasn’t massive to start with.

‘I am lucky in that I had two windows with enough space between to just fit the beds and the wood – it was a tight squeeze though!’

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Sharlene’s teenager had a new makeup station and storage area next to her bed following the transformation 

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What the sisters’ bedroom looked like before the transformation. Their bunk bed was pushed up against the far wall