Johnny Depp Shows Off New Tattoo Following Amber Heard Trial


Fans believe that Johnny Depp’s new tattoo may be a reference to his victory in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard.

Recently, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was observed in Norway having new tattoos on the inside of his wrist.

His most recent tattoo is a broken arrow that was created by the Attitude Tattoo Studio in Oslo. The Norwegian tabloid daily VG reported that they believe it represents a ‘new start and new hope’ after ‘burying the battle axe’.

Aleksander Stubberud Aas, who works at Oslo’s Attitude Tattoo Studio, told VG: “The artists who did it were super happy to have the opportunity to tattoo a f***ing legend.

“I could see a little Jack Sparrow in him. Some attitudes, a few sounds, and his motor skills were quite similar often. But he was very down to earth…It’s a little weird to say down to earth type about Johnny Depp somehow.

“But you sit there and talk, you do not think so much that it’s f***ing Johnny Depp. He was a very laid back type, there was no stress and everything worked out.”

According to reports, the actor has 38 tattoos all over his body that pay respect to various facets of his life.

When Depp was 17 years old, he received his first tattoo, which is of a Cherokee headdress. His great-grandmother belonged to this tribe, hence this is allegedly in honour of his Native American background.

Famously, he had the name of his ex-girlfriend Winoa Ryder tattooed, but following their breakup in 1993, he changed it to WINO FOREVER, which he said was meant to honour his favourite booze.

Depp also has tattoos of both of his kids, Lily-Rose and Jack, all over his body.

In an interview with The Washington Post in 1995 when discussing his tattoos he described them as ‘his journal.’

He said: “To me, it’s like some journal — they all represent different times in my life. If you see them, that’s one thing — but if I explain them to you, that would be like walking you through my journal”