Police Are Urging People To Believe That Road Signs Are Not From Squid Game


Fiction often spills into reality, but we would not have expected for that to happen with a show like Squid Game where, basically, almost everyone dies.

The roads policing unit of Thames Valley thought it necessary to tweet a message of reassurance for people that real-life road signage would not make them part of the lethal Netflix show Squid Game.

The tweet said:

“Evening all,

“So, We can confirm that by following this signage from the M4 Junction 5 in @TVP_Slough will not lead you to the popular @netflix series #SquidGame.

“It’s just directions for diversion routes during the roadworks…phew!”

“Phew!” indeed, particularly for those who tend to get lost on the road. I mean, entering the game is already bad enough, but entering it by mistake would be too much.

The real-life signs were spotted on a traffic sign on the M4 in the UK. They show a triangle, a square and a circle with an arrow indicating diversion routes during roadworks.

In Squid Game, the triangle, the square and the circle appear on the masks worn by the murderous workers who operate the games as well as on the invitation cards for the game. It is a surprising coincidence. If you believe in coincidences instead of facts.

Now, if you have been hiding under a rock and don’t know what Squid Game is, here is a quick summary.

Squid Game is officially Netflix’s most viewed show with more than 111 million accounts watching it since its debut on September 17.

The dystopian series follow participants who take part on a series of children’s games while competing for an obscene amount of money. Those who lose get killed by the square and circle workers. Last one standing gets all the money.

The series have been such a hit that it has further entered the collective unconscious. Squid Games are having an impact on real life.

One of the lethal games from the show became a Tik Tok trend and resulted in three seriously injured children.

The original game, called The Dalgona Candy Challenge, consists of carving a shape out of honeycomb without breaking it. Children are getting burnt while preparing the honeycomb which is boiling and sticky. Injuries go from mild scalds to nerve damage and all three children will require ongoing treatment.

On another Squid Game intervention in real life, Netflix was legally forced to remove scenes from the show where a phone number appears. The phone number is real and functional and belongs to an unlucky man who has complained about getting “endless” calls “day and night”.