Bryan Cranston Was Once A Real-Life Murder Suspect


You may assume that Bryan Cranston’s most well-known character, Walter White, would be more likely to have been a suspect in a real-life murder investigation.

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Credit: The Tonight Show/Jimmy Fallon

In actuality, it’s a tale of misfortune and circumstance that resembles more of Hal’s role, the unfortunate father in Malcolm in the Middle.

So, Cranston was simply a regular kid with a regular job like everyone else before becoming well-known for his part in Breaking Bad.

He and his brother had made the decision to take a brief motorbike tour throughout the United States of America in the 1970s, picking up odd jobs along the way to support their travels.

They were dealing with a manager who was a bit of a tyrant while they were working in a restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Cranston has told this story a couple of times publicly, and on one occasion he said: “The chef at this restaurant was a guy named Peter Wong.

“He was a miserable human being, just a despicable man.

“He hated everyone and everyone hated him.”

Yet, the Cranston brothers reluctantly went to work for him because they needed some cash.

The employees may have longed for the demise of their boss, but they never seriously considered taking action.

Even Cranston remembered making jokes about what it would be like to murder him.

Yet before Wong actually turned up dead—almost precisely at the same time the Cranston brothers had left town for a different location—everything was fine.

It didn’t seem promising for them.

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As a result, the authorities issued an APB (all-points bulletin) on the two youngsters’ motorbikes after they left for another state, making them suspects in the murder investigation.

Cranston eventually learned what had occurred.

He explained: “A hooker picked Peter Wong up at a dog track in Daytona and lured him home.

“Some other guy was waiting for him and clubbed him on the head before stuffing him in the trunk of a car.”

The real murderer was eventually found, and although the Cranston brothers were initially accused of the crime, this never progressed beyond that for them.

Cranston certainly stopped travelling after that and finally made it to the big screen for a career in TV and film.

At least it’s better than getting in trouble in Florida for a murder you didn’t commit.