Ginnie Springs Is The Perfect Florida Oasis


You are in for a proper treat if you have never visited Ginnie Springs! It is the essence of Florida beauty, with some of the state’s most beautiful water.

Photo: FloridaTripper

Ginnie Springs’ water is incredibly clean, and the region is large enough that you can go camping and do other things when you’re not on the water! Every day, it pumps out 80 million gallons of water.

ginnie springs – Florida -Fresh Water Springs – Swimming Hole

Florida’s 700 natural fountains range in size from tiny trickles known only to deep backwoods explorers to huge gushers like Wakulla, Manatee, and Silver Springs.

There are several ways to enjoy Ginnie, from innertubes to kayaks to paddleboards and canoes. Our seven crystal clear springs are always 72 degrees. Take a swim and go exploring.

Ginnie’s has you covered, from a tent by the river to full electric and water hook-ups for your RV. With almost 200 wooded acres and spring-side tent sites at your disposal, you can camp like a champion.

Ginnie Springs, on the other hand, can get rather crowded and busy! Frat boys and college students go to the springs on holidays and weekends because it is one of the only springs in Florida where drinking is permitted.

Because Ginnie Springs is privately owned, unlike other popular springs that are city or Florida State Parks, drinking is permitted.

Experience the pure water and breathtaking natural splendour that inspired Jacques Cousteau to exclaim, “Visibility forever!”

Ginnie Springs is approximately 6.5 miles from the Florida city of High Springs. On Highway 75, it’s about 48 minutes north of Gainesville and an hour south of the Florida-Georgia line.
It is possible to visit it from Tampa, but it will take around 2 hours one way! Ginnie Springs is a privately owned spring that flows into the Santa Fe River.

Ginnie Springs is located at the following address: High Springs, FL 32643 is located at 7300 Ginnie Springs Road.

You may also just type “Ginnie Springs” into your GPS and it will take you right there. Set up camp, get a cold beer and enjoy.

You might want to check this out for your next camping adventure!