Passenger Plane Flies For 13 Hours But Lands At Same Airport It Took Off From


A passenger plane made a 13-hour flight before landing at the same airport from which it had taken off.

Passengers on Flight EK448 had no indication that their 10:30 a.m. departure from Dubai would be a pointless journey.

Unsurprisingly, Auckland, New Zealand, was the destination of the Emirates aircraft’s intended 16-hour flight; it is also the company’s longest commercial route.

Instead, it returned to Dubai shortly after midnight.

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It is estimated to have travelled almost 9,000 miles before making the U-turn.

Together with her son, one passenger from New Zealand was travelling from India back to her home country through Dubai.

She claims that it was a “unexpected turn of events” (through, which is a rather composed response to having wasted 13 hours.

Everyone is powerless to change the issue because Auckland’s weather is to blame.

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Due to a significant downpour of rain, the city was forced to close its airport and cancel all local and international flights.

Traveler’s are now forced to wade through knee-deep water while stuck between the terminal buildings since the situation has gotten so terrible.

A statement from Auckland Airport reads: “Auckland Airport has been assessing the damage to our international terminal and unfortunately determined that no international flights can operate today.

“We know this is extremely frustrating but the safety of passengers is our top priority.”

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Carrie Hurihanganui, the airport’s chief executive, describes it as a “very long and challenging night.”

“Our teams, and those of our airport partners, continue to work around the clock to make sure we can get our domestic and international terminal operations open safely as soon as possible,” she adds.

According to MailOnline, the Kiwi city has been forced to call a state of emergency following the torrential rain.

It’s apparently broken rainfall records, with the airport logging 9.8 inches of rain within a 24-hour radius.

While Auckland’s mayor, Wayne Brown, is warning that the dangerous conditions may continue.

He reportedly says: “My team’s current focus and our big worry is that some Aucklanders might think the worse is behind us, but it isn’t.”

In regions that have already experienced flooding, up to five inches of rain have been predicted, according to Brown.

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He adds: “It has taken some time for everyone to appreciate just how big and widespread an event this has been and it hasn’t finished yet.

“The downfall was by far the biggest in our history. It was well beyond even what our emergency people either imagined or planned for.”

The downpour has reportedly been triggered by warm weather that has descended from the tropics.