Airline Pilot Explains Where Your Poo Goes When You Flush It On A Plane


After explaining what happens when you flush the toilet on a plane, an airline pilot became viral.

More than 690,000 people follow the pilot on Instagram (@flywithgarrett), and close to 500,000 people follow him on TikTok.

He frequently posts content about his travels and fascinating facts about aeroplanes.

The most recent query from one of Garrett’s followers concerned what occurs when people use the restroom on an aeroplane.

And it’s safe to say that his response has left people gobsmacked

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On TikTok, Garrett captions his post: “Ever curious where it goes when you’re on the aeroplane?”

He explains in the video that many people believe that when a plane’s toilet is emptied midflight, human fluids just “spill out” of the aircraft.

This is definitely not the case, as Garrett says: “When you’re on an aeroplane and you gotta go, where does it go?

“Did you know that whenever you flush the toilet on the aircraft, it actually doesn’t dump out into the population down below?

“It goes through plumbing to the rear of the aircraft and the seal compartments where the ground crew at the destination will remove all that waste.

“On a 747 – on a long haul flight – toilets can be flushed over a thousand times, creating over 320 gallons of waste.”

He adds: “That’s a lot.”


Ever curious where it goes when you’re on the airplane? 🤢💩✈️

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A remarkable 4.3 million people have watched the video, and hundreds have left comments with their opinions.

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Shocked, one viewer responds: “Since I was a kid I used to think when over a sea the pilot flushes it out. Omg!”

“Yeah! I had to ask a flight attendant. Was really interesting,” another adds.

“I thought they dropped it in the ocean,” a third admits.

While another says: “I just haven’t thought about this like ever.”

Numerous other people have said that they find it hard to imagine someone could have thought otherwise.

One TikToker questions: “Other actual people believe that it would get expelled from the aircraft to the population below? And if so, do these people vote?”

Another asks: “Wait… people actually think it dumps out below?

“So they think there’s poo falling out of the sky and it’s not the birds?”

“I still don’t get it that there are still people that believe aeroplanes just dump it,” another viewer remarks.