KFC’s Top Secret ’11 Herbs And Spices’ Was Leaked By Colonel Sanders’ Nephew


According to reports, Colonel Sanders’ own nephew revealed KFC’s top-secret “11 herbs and spices.”

The fast food restaurant brand is renowned for its mouthwatering menu.

Many have questioned what makes KFC’s chicken so excellent. KFC was founded by the recognisable Colonel Sanders, whose true name was Harland David Sanders.

Many people think the mysterious “11 herbs and spices” are what season the cuisine.

Well, it appears that his own flesh and blood have leaked the secret recipe.

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To keep the secret recipe hidden from the public, tremendous lengths have been taken by some.

Examples of this include KFC using a briefcase labelled “Top Secret” and an armoured truck, as well as tightening security at the vault containing the Colonel’s handwritten recipe.

Another strategy is to prepare the 11 herbs and spices from two different suppliers, making it impossible for one individual to decipher the recipe.

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Now Chicago Tribune reporter Jay Jones has disclosed how he got his hands on the secret recipe.

He mentions going to Corbin, Kentucky, a little town where the Colonel first served his famous chicken, in his article.

He was there on assignment for a story about the Harland Sanders Café and Museum, the “first” KFC that is now a memorial to the company’s founder.

Jones connected with and met up with Joe Ledington, a 67-year-old retired teacher who lives in a nearby town, with the aid of the local tourism office.

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This man had worked at the cafe as a young lad and was soon to be revealed to be Colonel Sanders’ nephew.

Jones met Ledington at a restaurant where he was carrying a scrapbook, old documents, and photo albums.

The reporter was looking through the scrapbook when he noticed one handwritten page.

The page reads, “11 Spices – Mix With 2 Cups White Fl,” in blue ink.

The list of 11 herbs and spices is then followed by their respective serving sizes.

Allegedly, Ledington then said: “That is the original 11 herbs and spices that were supposed to be so secretive.”

Together with thyme, basil, oregano, crushed ginger, and dried mustard, the ingredients also include four teaspoons of paprika, three tablespoons of white pepper, and two tablespoons of garlic salt.

White pepper, according to Ledington, is the recipe’s “main ingredient.”

He explains: “I call that [white pepper] the secret ingredient. Nobody [in the 1950s] knew what white pepper was.

“Nobody knew how to use it.”