People Are Just Realising There’s A Secret Switch On Doors To Make Them Less Draughty


Many of us are considering less expensive ways to heat our homes as the weather gets colder and costs climb.

And one TikTok user shared a ridiculously easy, cost-free workaround for people with UPVC doors; you can see it here:
As we approach winter, if you’ve found that your doors seem a little draughty, making this small adjustment could have a significant effect.

A step-by-step tutorial uploaded by TikToker Alijacy demonstrates how to modify UPVC doors so they pull the seal in tighter and fit more securely in the frame, decreasing the likelihood that a draught will enter. Smart, huh?

Just a quick advice, he said, “If your UPVC doors are a little draughty, you may adjust them for summer and winter.”

He then unlocked his door to reveal the tiny metal sliders, which can be turned to tighten the seals.

The sliders feature a small mark, which you may twist out to tighten your seals closer, the speaker continued.
Warm air won’t escape and cold air won’t enter thanks to the tighter seals.
One user of TikTok wrote: “Why don’t they tell you this when they fit the door?” indicating that many users were completely ignorant of the easy method.
Someone else said, “Wow, I never even realised.”
A third added: “Wait… You’re telling me this knowledge AFTER 43 YEARS?

While another person affirmed: “It actually works; I just did mine; I used to have a gap in the top of the door, but not anymore. I’m grateful.

Another person suggested that you may need an allen key to do the job properly, posting: “Not quite, most doors it would be an allen key adjustment for compression, if it’s that loose it’ll roll back the first time it engages on the keep.”

A mother offered a similarly easy-to-use yet money-saving tip earlier this year.

The woman revealed her savings of £95 in a post on Mumsnet after receiving the technique from Octopus Energy.

The writer said: “By monitoring your boiler’s flow settings, you can utilise less gas. My default setting was 80 degrees, which meant I was spending a lot of money heating water that would then need to be cooled with cold water.

“I have been participating in the Octopus Winter Workout, and they claim that since the beginning of December, I have saved £95. This is the only significant change I have made.

“I assumed everyone knew about this except me but my sister hadn’t heard of it and she’s very hot on money saving so I thought there must be others out there.”