McDonald’s Slammed As ‘No Longer Affordable’ After Customer Shares Bill For Regular Order


After sharing a bill for their order, a McDonald’s customer declared that the fast food restaurant is “no longer affordable.”

Due to the cost of living problem, housing and energy prices are reaching record highs, and everyone is seeing significant price increases.

One McDonald’s patron is shocked that the price of food has increased.

They even posted a picture of their most recent order’s receipt on TikTok.

Credit: @topherolive/TikTok

On December 21, Christopher Olive used social media to share his final spending with his 336,000 followers.

His lunch appeared to be fairly typical: a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger, big chips, and a Sprite.

Olive’s revelation that this cost him $16.10 surprised his supporters.

The TikToker in the video says:  “So I get there’s a labour shortage, I get there are wage increases and a number of other things but… sixteen dollars?

“Sixteen dollars for a burger, a large fries and a drink. It’s just crazy.”

The post has garnered more than 308,000 views and people have flooded the comments with their reactions.

“Five Guys prices at McDonald’s?!” one person questioned.

Another user added: “Sit down restaurant it is for that price.”

“It’s officially not convenient or affordable anymore, might as well go to the store and buy hamburger meat,” a third person commented. 

When McDonald’s increased the price of its cheeseburgers for the first time in 14 years earlier this year, it received criticism.

The fast food restaurant business declared that the previously priced item would now cost £1.19 instead of just 99p.

The price of select morning dishes, the McNugget sharing box, and big coffees all went up in addition to the cheeseburger.