KFC Opens its First Ever Pub And You Can Order Chicken To Your Table


The Colonel’s Arms will open for one week only at the end of November, so if you’ve ever wondered what KFC might look like as a pub, wonder no longer.

The Colonel’s Arms, a KFC-reimagined classic British pub where you can get your chicken delivered right to your table, has been officially launched by the fast food chain.

The Colonel brings his Southern fried flair to this British institution, promising an unrivalled football viewing experience away from the winter frost and beer garden benches.

The finger-lickin’ best pub in town has been created by KFC, and there is also a “finger kickin'” good foosball table.

Visitors can watch football on the big screens while sipping beer that the Colonel approves of, ringing the specially made KFC Delivery bell, and having chicken delivered to them with free gravy.

Between November 25 and December 1, the business will only be open to walk-ins for one week.

Prior to the event’s doors opening on Fulham Palace Road in Hammersmith, London, on Thursday, November 10, tickets will be available for pre-purchase on EventBrite.

If you’d rather stay at home to experience the Colonel’s Arms, there is a new Colonel’s Arms Bar Kit available featuring a limited-edition pint glass, two coasters, a bottle opener and a bar mat, available nationwide from November 25 on the KFC Merch Store.