I’m A Nursery Worker, This Is What I REALLY Mean When Your Child’s Been ‘Exploring The Room’ Or Mention ‘Listening Ears’


A NURSERY employee has disclosed what staff members truly mean when they inform parents of their children’s day’s performance.

Although they frequently respond in a “polite” manner, Facebook user The Nursery Nurse claimed that these are frequently codes for naughty behaviour.

The phrases she uses the most to “soften the blow” when students act out in class were made public on her The Nursery Nurse account.

Informing parents that their youngster “struggled with their listening ears” is one of the most typical.

The nursery staff actually mean that the student “ignored everything I said to him,” not the other way around.

In her video, the nurse claimed that she routinely informed parents that she had advised their child to use “soft hands.”

This actually means “they kept attacking everyone.”

When staff say it “wasn’t his best day”, they really want to blurt out is that “he was on a rampage”. 

And when a kid is “very vocal,” they’re really “shouting at everyone,” according to experts.

Additionally, parents need to watch out for their kids being referred to as “strong-willed,” which is code for “tyrant,” by others.

According to the nursery nurse, when she tells parents their little one “explored the room,” they actually “destroyed” it.

Her hilarious videos have racked up millions of views, and parents have admitted they have been told a few in the past.

“One said: “100000%.”

Another added: “Soo funny and so true.”

A third wrote: “My absolute favourite was he is currently exploring a trajectory schema = he won’t stop throwing everything.”