People Are Only Just Realising What’s Inside A Kit Kat Bar


People’s heads are being completely blown by what they are just now learning is inside a Kit Kat bar.

The famous English chocolate, known for its catchphrase “Have a break, have a Kit Kat,” has an astounding brand value of nearly $2 billion.

Despite being so widely consumed, few people are aware of the ingredients that make up a Kit Kat’s interior.

Many just presume it’s simply chocolate and wafer, as the packaging states ‘smooth milk chocolate’ and ‘crunchy wafer’.

However, it has been revealed what is actually inside the chocolate bar and it turns out there’s a lot more to it. 

Gregg Wallace, the host of the BBC documentary Inside the Factory, paid a visit to the York Nestlé factory in a 2015 episode.

Wallace observed the production line throughout the documentary and learned what happens to broken Kit Kat bars there.

He was told by a worker that they actually go back into production and end up in the wafer filling for upcoming Kit Kats.

The ‘chocolate layer,’ the filling between the wafer of a Kit Kat, is formed from cocoa liquid, sugar, and a small amount of remade Kit Kat, a Nestlé representative revealed to TODAY.

“Please notice, modified Kit Kat is stuff which cannot be sold,” they continued.

Vlogger Zack D Films on YouTube went on to explain why this occurs in more detail.

It’s a fantastic method to combat food waste, he said. On his channel, Films says: “Some Kit Kats get broken while they’re being made, and instead of throwing them out, the company crushes them up and adds sugar.

“And that’s what’s inside of a Kit Kat bar – it’s literally crushed up Kit Kats.”

Many people have taken to social media and said that they had no idea what was inside a Kit Kat chocolate bar before this.

One person commented: “This is the type of information that will fill my brain when I’m trying to do complicated tasks.”

Another said: “I hope you’re sitting down for this… The filling of Kit Kat bars is crushed Kit Kat bars.”

If this is the case, then some individuals are unclear as to how the first Kit Kat bar was created.
What came first, the Kit Kat or the Kit Kat filling, someone wondered in confusion.
How were the first Kit Kats produced, a second user inquired?
Adding: “How did they make the first Kit Kat then? “, another user went even further. If it wasn’t filled with broken Kit Kats that didn’t exist before the first Kit Kat was manufactured, was it even actually a Kit Kat?
Fortunately, there is a solution to this.
A spokeswoman said, “For the very first batch, it would not have included modified Kit Kats,” in order to clarify this for TODAY.