Furious Brit Blasts Americans For Naming Their Kids After UK Cities


We’ve clearly got first-world problems going on in our country!

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A furious Brit has lashed out at our US counterparts for naming their kids after places in England.

To each their own, but one person has a problem with “Lecesta,” who is a friend’s cousin’s girlfriend.

Taking to social media, the British Redditor wrote: “I thought it could be a cultural thing but it isn’t. Apparently, her mother got together with her father at a party in Leicester in England and therefore named their child Lecesta.

“And what’s even worse, the mother pronounces the word Leicester as Lie – Sess – Tur.

“It’s actually Less – Tuh. And since Lecesta’s mother pronounces Leicester this way, her daughter’s name is pronounced Lee – Sess – Tur.

“Can we stop naming children after British places? And then spelling them incorrectly.”

Taking to the comments section, one person agreed: “I’m offended on behalf of the whole city of Leicester.

“I saw an American who named their child Leeds and could not understand why the Brits in the comments found it funny. Nothing pains me more than the pronunciations of my city like I know there’s a lot of letters but its Les-tah.”

However, others definitely saw the funny side of things, with one person writing: “I’ll name my baby Milton Keynes and you can’t stop me.”

And a third user quipped: “Please at least give them a nice city/town name… like Slough.”

Although, someone else said: “I (American) work with a woman named Devon Norfolk.

“Her last name is Norfolk and her parents either doubled down, or are ignorant of British geography.

“I’m guessing the latter.”

In any case, a British mother was surprised when her small daughter began speaking with an American accent.

Kelly Convey, who goes under the TikTok handle @kelly_convey, recently approached the platform to see whether other parents had recently observed anything peculiar in the way their children spoke.

Bea, her daughter who is 21 months old, enjoys watching Ms. Rachel on YouTube, she said in the video.

She did, however, admit that her child had begun to imitate some of her speech patterns.

In the short post, Kelly asked: “Has anybody else got a British, and I have to stress British, toddler who watches Ms Rachel, and, as they’ve started to speak, you realise that they’ve actually got an American accent?”

The mother then turns to Bea to demonstrate her point to her followers.

Kelly cuts to her young child and asks her to repeat a variety of words, including “car,” “ear,” “zebra,” and “more.”

Surprisingly, Bea sounds more like she has lived abroad than in historic Britain.

“You’re so clever,” Kelly tells her daughter, laughing at her Yank accent.

In the caption of the video, which has now been viewed millions of times, the mum wrote: “Born in the USA.”

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Mum-To-Be Divides Opinion After Saying She Wants To Name Her Daughter Cinderella

After declaring she intends to name her kid “Cinderella,” a soon-to-be mother has caused controversy on the internet.

After sharing her fairytale-themed name with her fiance, one woman turned to Reddit to get public feedback.

Warning: Her partner wasn’t too impressed.

She wrote: “Hey guys! I posted here before about girl names and y’all gave me beautiful names but now I need y’all’s opinion on a name.

“My boyfriend thinks it’s stupid and that she’ll get made fun of for it but I think it’s cute?

“’Cinderella’ and I was thought Cindy or Ella would be a cute nickname. I don’t want her made fun of at all, but to me it’s cute.. please all input is appreciated.”

Oh, that child will undoubtedly face hazing at school.

Just picture all the shoes this girl will have in her locker.

Oh my God, I must have inspired them.

Many people were dubious about the name, as one person noted: “Belle or Ariel are cute princess names. The name Cinderella is not something to inflict on a human being. It’s ok for a cat or a hamster, but a baby girl… With all due respect, no, honey, no.”

Another user warned: “I’m a kindergarten teacher, and there was a little girl at the school named Cinderella. No one made fun of her (that I know of). But definitely could see teasing happening, especially as she reaches middle school.”

A third simply wrote: “Just name her Ellie. Cinderella is not a good idea.”

While another said: “It isn’t my first go-to compared to the other princesses, but I don’t entirely hate it either. I do think it’d be more noticeable by others, and 100 per cent of people would assume she’s named after the Disney princess, whereas the other names (Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Merida, Elsa, Anna, Tiana, Jasmine, who tf else am I missing lol) could be played off as not being Disney-derived even if that was your reason for choosing it.”

Although this name isn’t at the top of our list, it’s certainly not the worst one we’ve recently heard for a child.

A mother recently gained notoriety for giving her child the name Alpha Mael (spelled Mael, which means prince or chief) because it sounded like the most “manly” name imaginable.

I suppose that nowadays anyone can become a parent?

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Disposable Vapes Set To Be Banned To Stop Children Becoming Addicted

‘I am concerned that we are sleepwalking into a public health catastrophe’

The government are reportedly set to ban single-use vapes after a series of calls from numerous different groups to make the disposable devices illegal on both health and environmental grounds.

The move could come as soon as next week after the government came to the conclusion that the products are aimed at children who then become addicted.

According to the Telegraph, it is due to be revealed in a consultation issued by the Department of Health and Social Care next week, however timings could change.

Just last week news emerged that five million disposable vapes are thrown away in the UK every week which is a fourfold increase on 2022.

Child respiratory doctors have also criticised the government in the past year for failing to listen to warnings about the dangers of allowing e-cigarettes to be marketed towards children, reports the Guardian.

Doctors emphasised the 2% nicotine disposable vapes’ friendly packaging, which features names of candies like jelly babies and banana milkshake.

The Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals’ specialist paediatric chest doctor, Professor Andrew Bush, stated: “I am concerned that we are sleepwalking into a public health catastrophe with a generation of children hooked on nicotine.”

It is believed that the administration decided against outright banning all vaping items because it sees vaping as a healthy alternative for people who smoke.

Professor Sir Chris Witty, England’s chief medical officer, said in the past: “If you smoke, vaping is much safer; if you don’t smoke, don’t vape, and marketing to children is truly unacceptable.”

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