Woman Breaks Guinness World Record For World’s Loudest Burp


Now here’s something that will burst your eardrums!

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One of your childhood dreams is to break a world record.

But although for most people that is still only a fantasy, it was very much a reality for Kimberly Winter.

Winter, from Maryland and Virginia, has long possessed a highly particular set of skills, much like Liam Neeson.

She may not be able to track down and ruthlessly assassinate a gang of human traffickers, but she can sure belch.

Yes, the 33-year-old has unquestionably broken the record that existed for an astonishing 14 years for the loudest burp by a female.

Winter has had the ability to summon a powerful roar for a long time.

After posting videos of herself burping on TikTok late last year, she garnered a sizable following.

She eventually bought a decibel metre, inspired by the encouragement, and one of her expulsions reached 109 decibels.

Following her record-breaking burp, Winter contacted Guinness World Records to let them know about her accomplishment. She claims to have modelled her burp after Homer Simpson and Shrek.

The body informed her that for her attempt to be considered legitimate, she had to fulfil a number of requirements, including being conducted in a sound-proof space and using a microphone that was eight feet and two inches distant.

Winter was instructed to contact one of her former classmates who works as a sound engineer, Eric Messick, after emailing her high school band teacher.

As promised, Messick invited Winter to record the burp at a studio.

She had to surpass Elisa Cagnoni’s 2009 record of 107 decibels in order to beat it.

Now, the first three tries didn’t exactly work out; Winter produced readings of 97.5, 107, and 103.

Her spectacular burp, though, which hit 107.3 dec and cemented Winter’s position in history, came after she had calmed her nerves.

She may be seen yelling with pleasure in a video taken during the attempt after learning she had succeeded.

While Winter is pleased with her world record achievement, she believes there is still much more to come.

The mother told the Washington Post that she could shout even louder.

“I can be so much louder than that; that was nothing,” Winter said. “I’m really excited that I beat it, but I’m even more excited to break the record again.”

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

World’s Tallest Woman Finally Takes A Flight By Lying Down The Entire Time

World’s tallest woman explains how she flew for the first time!

Being somewhat larger than usual can make flying very uncomfortable as most airlines have a restricted amount of leg and seat room and even an upgrade would be no help for Rymeysa Gelgi. Why? Because she is the tallest woman in the world!

Measuring just past 7ft, Rymeysa finds it extremely hard to travel by air as there simply isn’t the room for her onboard airline seats.


Credit: Instagram @rumeysagelgi

Sadly no airline would take her until last year when Turkish Airlines gave the tallest woman in the world the chance of a lifetime when they allowed her to take her maiden flight.

Rumeysa, a Turkish lady, set a Guinness World Record in 2014 as the tallest adolescent. She later advanced to the title of tallest living woman when she turned 18 and kept growing until she reached a height of 7 feet, 0.7 inches, according to Guinness World Records.

Credit: Instagram @rumeysagelgi

Weaver Syndrome, a disorder that results in enormous birth size, fast development, and skeletal maturation, as well as limb, craniofacial, neurological, and other anomalies, is attributed for her height.


She holds the world records for the largest hands, the longest finger, and the longest back of a woman five times total!

She filmed her travel from Istanbul to San Francisco on Instagram and wrote about her experience after Turkish Airlines helped make her dream come true.

Credit: Instagram @rumeysagelgi

Six seats apparently had to be removed from the plane in order to make room for Gelgi, but it was all worth it to create lifelong memories. Turkish Airlines commented to Gelgi’s content in the comments section, saying

‘Hello Ms. Rümeysa, we are very happy that your flight went smoothly and your valuable feedback. We always want to do what we can for you and our work continues in this direction. Whenever you need us, we are here for you at Turkish Airlines’

Since taking her first journey, Gelgi has continued to upload information about aeroplanes on her Instagram profile, indicating that since her initial trip, flying has become somewhat more routine for her and she plans on lots of adventures in the future!


Country With The Biggest Average Manhood Size In The World Confirmed

Who holds the record for the largest average p**is size in the world has finally been determined.

It appears that as nations compete in different sports, they may not be as willing to show off their average male genitalia.

But because of the information gathered by internet pharmacies Now that we have access to Google data from 80 different countries, we can resolve this oddly personal issue from Mars.

According to chemist Navin Khosla, who analysed the data, many men’s self-confidence and self-image can be negatively impacted by their p**is size.

“Whether people are worried about the size or the shape, or any other aspect for that matter, the majority of us have questioned whether ours is big enough at some point or another,” he claims.

The country that stands tall in the ranks of well-endowed men is none other than Ecuador, with an impressive average erect p**is size of 6.93 inches.

That’s nearly ten per cent above the average length – quite the bragging rights!

But Ecuador isn’t the only contender in the competition.

Cameroon and Bolivia are close behind, boasting average sizes of 6.56 inches and 6.50 inches, respectively.

Surprisingly, the top 10 list is dominated by African nations, with Senegal, Sudan, and Zambia all proudly making an appearance.

The Netherlands is the only country from Europe included in the rankings, and they are doing rather well.

Surprisingly, no Asian countries made it to the coveted list of the well-endowed.

Of course, in the interest of justice, information was also gathered for the nations with the smallest average p**is sizes.

Taking the lead here is Cambodia, measuring in with an average length of 4.24 inches.

Taiwan and the Philippines are close behind, standing tall (or not so tall) at 4.24 inches and 4.27 inches, respectively.

For those curious about how the Brits and Americans measure up, it appears that men in the US narrowly claim victory over their British counterparts, with an average size of 5.35 inches, landing them in 59th place.

The Brits, on the other hand, take the 66th spot with an average size of 5.17 inches.

But does size truly matter?

Khosla poses this age-old question, and the answer might not be as straightforward as one might think.

He says: “Ultimately, the answer is maybe, maybe not.

“The truth is, that the owner of the p**is is far more likely to be worried about the size of their p**is than their sexual partners are!”