‘Insecure’ Guy Absolutely Roasted After List Of ‘Rules’ For Girlfriend Is Exposed


People are tearing a guy to tears over his ridiculous demands after discovering his list of criteria for any potential partners he might have.

Almost everyone has certain criterion they look for in a potential relationship, but finding someone who matches with your choices and whatever level of lunacy this is can be difficult.

The list was found and uploaded to the Reddit community r/ChoosingBeggars, which is all about individuals being overly choosy when they actually can’t afford to be.

Normally, when we see someone put themselves out there in the pursuit for love, we’d wish them luck. However, in this case, doing so may imply that we wanted this guy’s crazy list of women he wanted to date to be successful in any manner, shape, or form.

It’s very obvious from the list that he’s not actually searching for a partner; instead, he’s looking for a cross between a maid, mother, and sex doll.

With the 21-item list labelled “10 Rules for my gfs,” he has either already demonstrated a lack of basic numerical knowledge or is prepared to settle for someone who only half satisfies his irrational expectations; decreasing his standards is unlikely to be of much use.

A requirement for a lady to be “5’6 or below” is at the top of the list, followed by a request for one to have “blue/green eyes” before we reach the absolutely huge red flag of “isn’t too confident or self secure”.

He then expects you “willingly will cook,” “have no male friends,” and “will not talk back during disagreements,” which implies he truly doesn’t understand how disputing works. If you weren’t already fleeing the scene at this point, you will be shortly.

The demand that the girl “will give me 5 sons”—which actually isn’t how human biology works—veers into utter bats**t craziness while still being one of the less absurd demands on the checklist.

Uncertainty surrounds his belief that she has the authority to make this choice, but he would benefit from spending some time getting to know a biology text.

This guy is the most conventional of the “Neo-Traditionalists,” according to new research that claims there are three types of men in relationships.

The remaining items on the list are as bizarre, including demands that she “follow basic instructions” whenever he provides them, “have no celebrity crushes,” “dress how I tell her,” and “isn’t career/degree focused.”

Reddit has been completely ridiculing this guy and his absurd, not to mention biologically impossible, requests. However, we’ll say it anyway.

One remarked that he couldn’t even count to ten given that he had posted a total of 21 demands, while another queried “you think this donk has any idea how reproductive biology works” (he obviously doesn’t).

Another person claimed that his demand for “no past trauma” was a major warning sign because it implied that “he wants to be the one to traumatise.”

Many others linked his request for five sons to Henry VIII and emphasised that a father is responsible for a child’s sex because sperm determines whether a baby will be a male or girl.

Another wondered if he was expecting the mother of his children to ‘drop babies like Leo DiCaprio drops dates after they age’ until he had the five sons he wanted.

The crazy checklist was described as the ‘list of an insecure person and control freak’, while another said it read more like an ‘abuser’ to them and someone else said he ‘thinks Gilead is the ideal society’.

One commenter summed up the general gist of people’s attitudes towards this guy by saying ‘f**k this incel POS’.