Mum Horrified After Tuning Into Home CCTV To Find Stranger Sleeping In Her Bed


In highly unsettling news, a mum has been left horrified after tuning into her home CCTV to find a stranger sleeping in her bed.

Terrified Caitlin Sullivan, 22, was staying at her friend’s house when the security camera in her bedroom started to buzz.

She was astonished to see an unknown man entering the bed she and her infant share for a nap when she reviewed the video.

The part-time job called the police right away, and they arrived at her Sauchie, Scotland, residence.

The man was taken out of her home, but according to Caitlin, he was never detained.

Since the event, Caitlin claims she has only gone back home to clean because she is afraid he may return.

She expressed her disbelief when she saw the footage. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so shocked – I didn’t know who he was.

“I couldn’t believe there was a man in my bed. I don’t understand how he got into my house,” she added.

“I haven’t been staying in the house since. I never want to go back to that house.”

She was particularly scared for the safety of her child.

“It’s the fact that both me and my little boy sleep in that bed,” she said.

“If I was there he would probably have climbed into my bed and slept next to me.”

Caitlin claims that the man sent her a strange Facebook message the next day. She thanked him for letting him sleep and accepted his apology before the intruder—who apparently fled the residence covered in blood—left.

I don’t keep well, so please accept my heartfelt apologies, it said.

“Thank you for letting me put my head down for three hours, hope no harm was done.”

He ended his cryptic message with ‘hope to meet you one day’.

Caitlin says she doesn’t understand how the intruder knew her name and is now too scared to go home.

“I phoned the police and they just told me to block him,” she said. “Who is to say he won’t come back. He has not been punished for it so he might do it again.”

A spokesperson from Scotland Police said: “Around 9am on Tuesday, 29 August, 2023, officers were called to a report of someone within a house on Rosebank, Sauchie. Officers attended and after being able to gain entry to the property spoke to the person within.

“No criminality was established and the complainer was spoken to. Police have received no further complaints or reports in relation to this incident.”