Video Showing What Speaking English Sounds Like To Foreigners Is Messing With People’s Heads


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People have claimed that a video that demonstrates what English speakers sound like to outsiders is messing with their heads.

A TikTok user going by the handle @languagesimp shared a video of himself illustrating how someone who doesn’t speak English may sound. The video quickly went viral.

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He captioned the post: “Ever wondered what it’s like to not understand English?”

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Regardless of your level of English, the TikTok creator’s video will probably seem like incomprehensible nonsense because that is exactly what it is.

It would be challenging to comprehend if someone were to repeat the words spoken by the video producer, and you would probably be persuaded that they were speaking a completely different language.

You might recognise a few words, such as “water,” but for the most part, you would be completely baffled.

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This video is a great example of how people who don’t speak English well could perceive the language; nonetheless, even people who do speak English well have expressed confusion over it.

For those of us who do speak English, the TikToker’s clip has a unique effect because he uses phrases that kind of sound like English but aren’t. The TikToker speaks multiple languages himself.

Many people have compared it to Simlish, a language used in the well-known video game series The Sims, in the comments section.

After watching the video, one fan writes: “I felt like I should understand what he was saying.”

“You are telling me people hear me talking like a Sim?” another adds.

A third person remarks: “I feel like I understand what he’s saying, but I also don’t.”

The English language is notoriously difficult, with many words having similar spellings but different rhyming schemes. Even native speakers frequently mention this.

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Many people also have trouble understanding the United Kingdom’s many dialects, which come with different phrases from each place.

But you might also find it fascinating to understand that the English language might become even more complex in the future if strange linguistic information piques your curiosity.

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Over the course of the next century, the majority of people in Britain might acquire a dialect known as Multicultural London English (MLE), which is characterised by words like “peng,” “wagwan,” and “bare.”

Non-English speakers are likely to continue considering our language as strange and unconventional since these words may grow increasingly common.