Grandparents Build Harry Potter Castle In Their Back Garden For The Kids


A little girl’s grandparents have given her possibly the best playhouse in the world – a massive 350sqft Harry Potter themed fortress. Grandparents Dave and Ruby Dunlop had the incredible two-storey magical Wendy house built in their back garden in Spencerville, Ontario, for their eldest granddaughter Logan, two.

The amazing structure features replicas of Hogwarts Castle, Ollivander’s wand shop, Platform 9¾, and even part of the Dursleys’ Privet Drive.

Holly Howard

It has a broom swing set, slide, and secret hatch, as well as a wooden bridge leading to an owlery, just like the one from JK Rowling’s books.

It’s a perfect outdoor play home for Logan, her best friends, and two younger siblings when they grow up.

Holly Howard

Inside the main tower, there are owl-themed armchairs, a beautiful chandelier, and even a slide leading back down to the bottom of the house.

The fortress is awash with hidden Harry Potter nuggets, like broomsticks, a toy basilisk, Hogwarts snow globe, and Fantastic Beasts-style trunk drawer.

Portraits of headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, a map of the school grounds, a framed letter of an invitation to Hogwarts, hang over the stairwell.

There is a bed on the top floor for cool summer sleepovers, and an electric fireplace on the bottom floor to keep warm at winter.

Holly Howard

‘It got exactly the reaction we’d hoped for. When our granddaughter came out the second time to play, she asked if she could go to “her house”.

‘Even a month since it was set up, every time she comes outside, she spends time in it.

‘Gram and her absolutely love to have tea in the little kitchen and lose track of the time.

‘You should see her face when she’s using the playhouse. We’re so thrilled with it.

‘All our friends and neighbors are impressed with it too.

‘It’s a popular addition to our community, with many stopping to look and take pictures.

‘We hope to have a zip line attached in five to six years, which will go from the balcony of the Hogwarts tower down to the ground.’

The fortress was designed in a few hours, and took two days to render in 3D and produce blueprints for building.

Leavitt, who runs the small family business Charmed Playhouses, builds luxury playhouses for people in North America, as well as the U.K., China, and Mexico.

Harry Potter reunion has also been confirmed!