Beautiful Shipping Container Homes That Will Amaze You


A beautiful shipping container home can be a great alternative to a regular one but, as always, there are some caveats.

Costing anywhere between $38,000 and $141,000 depending on finish and déco, a cargo home can survive up to 25 years. Therefore, if you want something for life, this might not be the right option for you – although, who cares as long as they look as good as the below.

Besides price and duration, you might also need a special permit and some US states don’t even allow for a cargo to be used as a home. But (one more ‘but’ for emphasis) you are probably here because shipping container homes look perrty as hell. If that’s you, please read through for some beautiful shipping container homes that will amaze you.

Yellow door with a roof deck

As far as tiny homes go, this would be my favourite kind. It’s sustainable, it doesn’t cost as much, it looks cool and it has a roof deck.

The combination of the black paint with the small detail of the yellow door is just right. As Coco Chanel said: “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”. They certainly followed Coco’s advice here, or maybe they just forgot to take off the yellow door.

As for the roof deck, you might not use it as much during winter, but that’s exactly what a mobile home is for! If it’s too cold, you can simply move elsewhere and re-build a new life, under a new name, with your new home.

The Helm Model

This one is called the Helm model and it’s made all of cedar-clad. It’s got a full bed and bath both upstairs and downstairs so you don’t have to go too far for a little wee.

After being used to transport cargo for years, shipping containers are now a trend amongst architects and designers (and us). People are getting creative with them, using containers for pools or even incorporating them into buildings. I would just use it to live, really.

Also, with house prices soaring, people are looking for affordable housing, although “affordable” doesn’t need to mean “cheap” looking. This home looks expensive to me. Well, everything looks expensive when you have no money, but that’s another story.

Credit: Cargo Home

Minimalistic Decor

Perhaps the reason everyone loves minimalistic decor is that it looks tidy at all times. Particularly when it comes to smaller spaces like these container homes, you need to be careful about the items you include in your home.

In this design, the white walls give space to the delicate contrast of the yellow woods. Because of that simple colour palette, the two small plant pots make a huge difference and bring light into the environment. I don’t know about you, but I feel I could be a more organised person if only I lived in this place.

Credit: Cargo Home

Same kitchen, different angle

From this angle, we can take a peek at the bedroom which follows the same colour palette and minimalistic decor style. Hallways are usually considered a waste of space, particularly in tiny homes, but it seems unavoidable in this case. If you want to avoid an open space, then it’s either a hallway or you would need to float through the walls.

I love how little kitchenware there is but am also wondering what else you could cook using only a bowl and a coffee machine. Maybe minimalistic decor wants me to feel bad for eating pasta out of a plate. That’s definitely it.

Credit: Cargo Home

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