Woman Asks Friends To Deep Clean Her House Instead Of Throwing A Baby Shower


Seems like ‘nesting’ has got the better of this mum to be!

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Visitors were given cards indicating which area of the house they needed to clean.

In an innovative way, one soon-to-be mother celebrated her future motherhood by asking for a present that would save her a great deal of time.

Rather than have a baby shower, she asked her friends to thoroughly clean her home.

The woman, who goes by Nia Mullet on social media, gained notoriety after sharing a TikTok video of herself hosting a “nesting party” in lieu of asking friends for baby presents.

“So I had my nesting party last night instead of a baby shower and it was amazing,” she explains in the video.


Replying to @Haley Sheppard Every pregnant mom needs a nesting party. If you’re pregnant and don’t want a baby shower, do this. If you have a pregnant friend, do this for them! #nestingparty #nestingmom #nestingmode #pregnantmom #pregnancy #babyshower #nestingmama #thirdtrimester #ittakesavillage #myvillage @Bri Welcker

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“My friend Bree organised it.”

Nia explained that she sent her friend, Bree, a “list of things that I wanted to get done” before the baby arrived, and then she made “little cards for each person to take on a section of the house.”

In the video, the women are seen getting together at Nia’s house before they are assigned different areas of the house to clean, such as the pantry, window sills, and drawers.

Instead of gifts, games, or baby-themed décor, the visitors at the nesting party were armed with dusters and brooms to thoroughly clean the house.

“I kind of took a more supervised role, kind of telling people where I wanted things and then we took a dinner break,” Nia said. 

Though it wasn’t all hard work: “We ate some soup, some sourdough breads, some treats, and chatted about this baby and how it’s gonna be.

“Then we got straight back into work and everything was so clean and organised and I feel so much more ready for this baby.”

In addition to cleaning, all of the participants brought freezer meals in case Nia needed to store up in case she experienced postpartum depression.

“It was so much fun. I highly recommend a nesting party if you’re getting ready for a baby,” she concludes. 

Commenters were all for the idea.

One person wrote: “Honestly, I’d prefer doing this to sitting for three hours watching someone open presents.”

Another added: “I refuse to go to baby showers but I would show up early for a nesting party.”

However, a third person had a different idea: “Nah, my husband can clean the house and cook. Me and my girls will be eating fabulous food, drinking champagne and celebrating me.”

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Woman Who Doesn’t Wash Her Hands After She Goes To The Toilet Sparks Huge Debate

Do you wash your hands every time you got to the toilet?

After proudly admitting that she doesn’t wash her hands after using the loo, a woman created quite a stir online.

Let’s hope TikToker Valera Djordjevic’s job doesn’t entail handling food because she acknowledged that there are moments when she ‘simply doesn’t feel like’ cleaning up after using the loo!


Only when i go number 1, i always wash my hands after number 2 🫡


Strangely, the 21-year-old continues to turn on the tap after giving in to the urge to go outside in order to maintain the illusion that she is using soap like the rest of us.

You could swear she was giving her hands a good cleaning if you put your ear to the bathroom door.

If you busted it down though, all Valera would be doing is splattering the water around—not a bar of soap in sight.

Many social media fans felt queasy after she posted a video of her post-toilet routine to her TikTok account, @realvaleradj.

The content creator explained: “Sometimes I just don’t feel like washing my hands so I turn the sink on and make splashing noises so nobody judges me.”

Valera is observed impatiently scanning her surroundings and putting only her index finger under the tap with little enthusiasm.

She then mimics the look of disgust that she claims’most people’ experience when they learn about her hatred of hand washing.

But while she mimes along to a song, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by people’s thoughts on her bathroom manners—or lack thereof.

Valera seemingly defended her choice not to wash her hands with the lyrics: “B***h, I said what I said.”

She went on to clear up any speculation in the caption, saying: “Only when I go number one, I always wash my hands after [a] number two.”

The controversial clip, which gained a whopping 3 million views, sparked a fiery debate in the comment section.

Some were supportive of Valera’s hand washing boycott, while others described it as ‘disgusting’ and ‘gross’.

One said: “As a germaphobe, I’m terrified,” as another wrote: “I can’t leave the bathroom without washing my hands. Even if I just went in there to look in the mirror or something.”

A third added: “It has nothing to do with number one or two, you have touched the toilet!”

But others confessed they followed a similar toilet routine, much to the surprise of social media users.

One revealed: “I always wash my hands in public but at home, this is the way.”

And a second commented: “It’s how you get a better immune system! Just saying.”

While another chimed in: “I rarely wash my hands. I hate the feeling of wet hands.”

Valera told users that her hands become ‘dry and tight’ when she washes them, resulting in her avoiding the process altogether.

She told commenters: “Sometimes I just don’t want my whole hand wet then like dry and tight after drying it, or I have lotion on.

“My hands get all dry and tight every time I wash them so I don’t feel like applying lotion after every time I go pee.

“Don’t worry, I’m a clean person lol just sometimes the thought of getting my hand wet is not it so I just don’t.”

The pandemic brought increased attention to the importance of good hand hygiene in preventing the spread of bacteria.

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