The Shed House You Can Buy And Assemble Yourself


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Tired of searching the real estate market for your dream home? Then why not build it – and not with bricks. Home Depot in the USA is selling this Tuff Shed model, which people have renovated and turned into their forever home.

The model is available for $12,629 outright, or monthly payments of $252, making it a real bargain in the evermore expensive housing market.

If you’re able to get some land to put a shed home on, you’ll be laughing at all the people paying sky-high rent to live in an apartment.

The details of the Tuff Shed. Credit: Home Junkie

With this purchase, you’ll get 320 square feet to work with, meaning the home is pretty small but cosy nonetheless.

Don’t be deceived – just because it’s a shed house, doesn’t mean it needs to look like a shed on the inside. After being kitted out with full furnishing, these homes look indistinguishable from an ordinary house once you’re inside.

Downstairs interior of shed home. Photo: Home Junkie

Though things may be a little more cramped than usual, you’ll have space for a living room/kitchen combo downstairs, and a bedroom with an attached bathroom upstairs. If you’re all about living the simple life and wouldn’t mind downsizing, this will be more than enough to get by.

Upstairs interior of a shed home. Credit: Home Junkie

It is worth remembering that this is just the shell of a house, so it’ll need renovating. There are the matters of plumbing, wiring, insulating, flooring and adding in windows, but this is surely worth it to have yourself a distinctive home which people will admire.

Alternative kitchen model within a shed home. Credit: Home Junkie

People have been quick to point out the wider benefits of shed housing, with one Facebook user saying: “It’s something not too dissimilar to this that could solve the housing problem. Mass government building of well designed, warm, safe, durable and cheap prefabricated homes.”

Others have bought shed houses as an extension for the homes they already have, paying $2,000 to add insulation, walls, flooring, electrical outlets and air conditioning. A small price to pay for freedom, by essentially turning your kid’s bedroom into another house (and hopefully getting some peace!).

Shed home built upon foundation. Credit: Home Junkie

Some have expressed concerns about weather durability, but a foolproof solution would be placing your shed over a basement for extreme weather conditions, and ensuring that it is built on top of strong foundations. 

If you’re looking for a manageable renovation project that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, a Tuff Shed may be the way to go. How tempting to purchase some land, go off the grid and start a new (affordable) life in one of these…

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Watch an example of construction below: