American Living In The UK Shares Cultural Differences And Stuns With ‘Washing Habit’


Originally from Georgia, Lisa Dollan has gained over a million followers on TikTok, where she posts videos that contrast life in the US and the UK.

In 2009, she attended a business conference in Edinburgh with her now-husband Paul, who is from Leeds, and they “hit it off” right away.

Together, they have a child named Lucas, and she rose to fame on TikTok by creating her account during lockdown.

Lisa, who goes by Yorkshire Peach on Tiktok in reference to Georgia’s peach-growing fame, has confused her American and British fans with the cultural disparities she has come across.

Viewers were astounded when she previously disclosed how she’s saved money by relocating to the UK because she doesn’t have to pay for earthquake insurance or air conditioning.

Recently, she baffled followers when she talked about not using a dryer for her clothes in the UK.

This is particularly true while visiting the US. Simply put, it appears that many Americans have an unhealthy obsession with us Brits.

Lisa Dollan is a popular TikTok and Facebook user who shares videos of herself living in the north of England under the username “Yorkshire Peach.” She has wracked up millions and millions of views sharing her take on the differences on living in the US VS The UK.

She also discussed the “dumb questions I get from my American friends about the UK” in one of her posts.

Not to mention that a few of them are awkwardly humorous.

She recently confused fans by saying that she didn’t use a dryer for her clothes in the UK.

A follower on TikTok asked:

“Can’t you hang washing out anywhere in the US? It saves so much electricity and is better for the environment.”

Lisa replied: “No it is seen as poor there – weird.”

An American user laughed in relation and said: “Me an American that hangs clothes and then realising oh wait yes I’m poor.”

One said: “They care about that but no access to free healthcare.”

Another added: “I would still do it even if I was called poor. My bedding would smell better than theirs anyway.”

After years of paying for healthcare in the US, Lisa has also been outspoken in her support of the NHS.

Having struggled after giving birth to her Son, Lucas, Lisa claims to be a “advocate of the NHS”.

he added: “I’m such a huge advocate for the NHS and so passionate about it because they really stepped in and saved my life ultimately.

“Because of that I didn’t go back to work straight away and stayed home just to stay with him and get better.

“After this, I went into marketing which is what I went to university for and started doing digital/online marketing with an agency in Leeds. I did that for a few years until it packed in due to Covid-19.”

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