Mum Wins Court Battle To Kick Out Her ‘Parasite’ Sons In Their 40s From Her Home


This mother had just about enough of her sons living at home!

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A mother wins her court case to remove her adult sons from her home.

According to CNN, the plaintiff, a 75-year-old retiree from Pavia in northern Italy, filed a complaint against her two adult sons, ages 40 and 42, before the Pavia Tribunal.

According to court documents, the irate mother called her sons “parasites” for remaining longer than they were invited.

The retiree’s children lived under the same roof, whilst she was living solely on a pension after divorcing her children’s father.

Even worse, the mother claimed that her two sons were not even trying to help out around the house, let alone making a financial contribution.

The two boys, yes, boys – filed legal action after realising their mother wanted them out, only for it to backfire.

The judge agreed with the plaintiff that her kids were far too old to take advantage of their ageing mother.

The sons, whom the mother ridiculed as ‘big babies’ or ‘bamboccioni’, have until December 18 to vacate their mother’s appartment, according to a court order made by Judge Simona Caterbi, who agreed with the mother.

“There is no provision in the legislation which attributes to the adult child the unconditional right to remain in the home exclusively owned by the parents, against their will and by virtue of the family bond alone,” she wrote in her decision, which was obtained by the local news site Prima Pavia.

In spite of the fact that it’s fairly typical for people to remain living with their parents well into adulthood in Italy, Judge Caterbi stated that in the case of these two men, “it no longer appears justifiable considering the two defendants are subjects over 40, and once a certain age has been exceeded, the child can no longer expect the parents to continue the maintenance obligation beyond limits that are no longer reasonable.”

In a similar vein, a judge in 2018 granted another parents’ request to have their 30-year-old son evicted.

Before taking the case to court, Mark and Christina Rotondo had sent orders to have their son Michael removed.

They even offered to assist Michael find a new flat by giving him $1,100 (£800).

Still, the rapacious child said that his parents’ house was the only place he wanted to reside.

The judge ultimately ordered that he be removed, even dispatching adult protective services to be sure he had left the nest.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Wins Her Court Case And Is Awarded Just $1 Compensation

Gwyneth Paltrow, famous Oscar winner, Marvel legend and creator of lifestyle brand Goop has been awarded a win in her recent court case trial winning compensation of….. one american dollar!


Terry Sanderson, a retired ophthalmologist, sued Gwyneth Paltrow after he claimed a 2016 skiing collision had left him with permanent brain injury.  The jury determined that Sanderson, 76, was “100%” at fault for the accident at the Utah ski resort seven years prior. The jury’s decision was reached on Thursday in just two hours and 20 minutes.

Credit: Rick Bowmer-Pool/Getty Images

Sanderson must pay Ms. Paltrow a nominal $1 in damages (similar to the case won by singer Taylor Swift), but he also has to cover his and Gwyneth’s potentially high legal expenses which could be in the hundreds of thousands.

She sat with her hands clasped on her desk and gave off a worried expression as the judgement was announced, but when the court clerk said that Mr. Sanderson was at fault, she nodded in agreement.
Paltrow approached Sanderson as she was leaving the court, stroked his shoulder, and said “I wish you luck.” He said, “Thank you, sweetie.”

Credit: Rick Bowmer/POOL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

The verdict follows eight days of live-streamed trial evidence that attracted viewers from all around the world and became a pop culture obsession.

When she left the court, the actress waved at the cameras and grinned, but she would not remark.

In the meantime, Sanderson, who had lost the lawsuit, claimed he still stands by his account of what happened.


The celebrity trial was watched by viewers all around the world just like episodic television and has created a host of memes and video responses by comedians online similar to the case by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard last year. It seems the world can’t resist watching a celebrity trial!

Featured Image Credit: Gwyneth Paltrow Via Instagram

The US Supreme Court Are Banning The Constitutional Right To Have An Abortion

A nearly 50-year-old constitutional right to choose abortion has been overturned by the US Supreme Court, opening the door for the practise to be outlawed or severely restricted in half of the country.

Now, the 50 states will be given the authority to decide on the abortion rights for tens of millions of women.

It is one of the Supreme Court’s most important decisions in recent memory, making it the highest court in the United States.

The court decided to overrule the historic “Roe versus Wade” decision from 1973, which legalised abortion up until the period of viability for the foetus, commonly regarded as being around 24 weeks into pregnancy.

The new decision gave Republicans and Christian conservatives who want to restrict or outlaw the surgery a significant triumph, but it also put the court at odds with the majority of Americans who, according to polls, supported upholding Roe.

Pro-life and pro-choice activists had congregated outside the court in Washington, DC, in anticipation of the news, so there were equal parts joyful and depressing scenes when it was made public.

The availability of abortion will be prohibited in many situations, including, in some cases, if conception was the consequence of rape or incest, in at least 25 states where new legislation or dormant laws are about to be introduced.

The southern region of the nation is home to many of those states. Three of the 13 states—Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi—have “trigger bans” in effect, which prohibit abortion either immediately or during the next few days and weeks.

Many observers of the Supreme Court think the decision was made because there are now six conservative judges on the court, including three who were chosen by previous president Donald Trump, outnumbering their three more liberal colleagues.

Polling has revealed that the majority of Americans opposed overturning Roe, despite the fact that abortion is one of the most controversial topics in the country.

In a survey conducted earlier this month, the analytics firm Gallup discovered that 55% of Americans consider themselves to be “pro-choice.”