This Couple Discovered That Living On A Cruise Ship Is Cheaper Than A Mortgage


Attention all homeowners, mortgage-payers, and rent-dodgers! Are you sick of living on land and dreaming of a life at sea? Well, one couple from Seattle has found a solution to all your financial woes: live on a cruise ship! That’s right, folks, Angelyn and Richard Burk have ditched the nine-to-five and opted for a life of leisure on the high seas.

But wait, there’s more! This couple didn’t just stumble upon the idea of living on a cruise ship. They had a plan all along. In an interview with 7News, Angelyn explains, “Our original plan was to stay in different countries for a month at a time and eventually retire to cruise ships as we got older.” Now that’s what we call long-term financial planning.

Credit: Angelyn Burk via Facebook

But how did they come to this realization? Well, Angelyn, a former accountant, crunched the numbers and found that living on a cruise ship would cost them a mere $43.74 (£35.44) a day. That’s right, folks, for less than the cost of a meal at a fancy restaurant, you too could be living on a cruise ship.

And the best part? No more booking hotels, restaurants, or transportation. It’s all taken care of on the ship. Plus, you get to travel to new and exciting destinations without breaking the bank. The Burks have already been to Italy, Canada, Iceland, the Bahamas, and their favorite country, Singapore. They loved Singapore so much that they’ve gone back multiple times. Talk about a dream life!

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Now, before you pack your bags and jump on the nearest cruise ship, heed Angelyn’s advice. She warns that you should try long-term cruises before making it permanent. But for those who are up for the challenge, the Burks prove that it’s possible to live on a cruise ship and have a blast doing it.

So, what are you waiting for? Set sail and start living your best life on the open seas.

Featured Image: Credit: Angelyn Burk via Facebook & Alamy