Experts Warn Prosecco Could Soon No Longer Exist


Celebration drinks are going to have to change!

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Prosecco fans may soon have to say goodbye to their favourite sparkling wine.

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine produced in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions.

It is primarily manufactured from the Glera grape variety, though other authorised grape varietals may be used.

Prosecco is noted for its light and refreshing flavour, and it is frequently served as an aperitif or in cocktails such as the Bellini and Mimosa.

Researchers have now raised the alarm about the demise of centuries-old wine traditions and the fragile ecosystems that support them.

Soil degradation, droughts, and rural depopulation are threatening heroic viticulture, which is distinguished by steep slopes and terraced vineyards.

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This is not simply a financial risk, but also a cultural one, because the entire communities risk losing their history and roots.

Climate change is having a significant impact on wine production, and historic wine regions may soon face irreversible damage.

Steep vineyards and terraced landscapes, sometimes known as heroic viticulture, are particularly vulnerable to climate change.

Because of their cultural and historical value, these unique vineyards, which are frequently found in locations such as Italy, Spain, and Portugal, have been named UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Scientists’ concerns centre on two major climate-related risks: soil deterioration and drought.

The heroic viticulture’s steep slopes and terraced vineyards are often tended without mechanised tools, making them particularly vulnerable to the problems posed by climate change.

Extreme weather events, such as excessive rainfall that causes slope failures, can hasten soil degradation.

Prolonged droughts are another major concern, affecting grape quality and quantity.

Researchers have seen a worrying trend: the ‘rural exodus’ and the steady abandonment of mountain scenery.

Younger generations have been less motivated to continue the difficult work of viticulture in these harsh conditions over the last five decades, especially when the economic returns are small.

The modernization of society, particularly the adoption of more technologically oriented practises, has aided in the eroding of traditional rural traditions.

Dr. Paolo Tarolli, the study’s primary author, underlines the need of integrating traditional winemaking knowledge with scientific innovation.

He contends that farmer-scientist partnership is critical for optimising investments and ensuring a functional, sustainable, and secure agricultural landscape.

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This collaboration is critical for meeting the different difficulties offered by both natural and man-made forces.

Aside from the economic implications, the potential loss of entire communities’ histories and cultural origins is a highly troubling aspect of this subject.

Heroic viticulture sites provide not only a distinct approach to winemaking, but also a cultural legacy passed down through centuries.

It is critical to preserve these traditions and landscapes not just for the wine industry but also for the cultural character of these regions.

As climate change continues to wreak havoc on the sensitive ecosystems of wine-producing regions, immediate action is required to protect these iconic landscapes and the communities that rely on them.

Wine lovers around the world may need to appreciate their favourite bottles of Prosecco and other wines from these locations while they are still accessible, given the important cultural significance of these regions that goes into every sip.

People Are Losing It At Llama Dressed Up As Groomsman

Everyone needs a Llama at their wedding!

Social media users are giggling over images of a llama at a wedding that was costumed as a groomsman.

Ah, weddings, the supposedly “best day of your life” that is actually just pricey, requires you to greet all of your distant relatives who compliment your growth, and places absurd pressure on you to bring a date. Can you tell I’m single?

Although it seems like everyone on the planet has chosen that this is the year for a wedding, I could definitely support going if there was a surprise llama as well as a free bar and food.

If there isn’t a llama at my wedding, quite frankly, I no longer want to get married at all.

Adam and Tara, who were obviously unconcerned about the spotlight being taken, opted to spice up their wedding at Maison Albion in New York by renting a llama from Llama Adventures to serve as a groomsman.

An outgrowth of Buffalo Creek Llamas, which breeds, trains, boards, and sells the camelids, is Llama Adventures, which aims to “share the joy of llamas with everyone.”

According to the company’s website, you can hire a llama for $150 (£120) per hour or $100 (£80) per hour if you need one for four or more hours for events including parties, parades, home visits, and weddings.

The llama arrived at the wedding fully dressed, donning a full suit from head to toe, a bow tie, and even false hands and a rose.

The llama surprised Cathy Craft, the wedding’s official photographer (@thecraftedcreative), when she initially arrived at the location for the big day, she told Newsweek.

She said: “At first, I thought it was a groomsman dressed as a llama, but when he turned, I saw that it was the other way around.”

The photographer has previously seen couples involve their pets in their special day, but never a South American camelid. This was the first time she had ever seen a llama at a wedding.

“The bride was absolutely delighted and the guests thoroughly enjoyed it as they waited for the ceremony to begin,” Craft adds. “It put a smile on everyone’s face.”

The llama’s groomsman outfit not only delighted the bride and wedding guests, but it also caused pictures of the party to go viral on social media.

One Twitter user said: “If I was a bridesmaid I would fight to make sure I’m partnered up with this handsome gentleman.”

“He looks so proud,” another wrote.

A third commented: “That last one got me fr.”

And a final resolved: “You just know how messy that wedding must have got.”

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Family Turns Beloved Pet Golden Retriever Into Ornamental Rug After It Dies

As their beloved pet golden retriever passed away, a family in Australia transformed it into a taxidermy keepsake.

One of the toughest things you can go through is losing a pet, therefore many owners choose to save memorabilia as a method to help them get through the painful period.

One family, however, made the decision to go a step further and have their dog preserved as a pelt.

When Melbourne-based taxidermy business Chimera Taxidermy used social media to film the work, people learned about the odd request.

On the company’s Instagram post, it says: “Beautiful old golden retriever preserved as a pelt for his family. Finally ready to head home.”

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See this taxidermist artist’s ‘Freaks of Nature’ collection below…

In the comments, it adds: “The pelt has been tanned and turned to leather so the fur won’t fall out.”

Maddy, the owner of Chimera Taxidermy, told Yahoo Australia that she completely understands why ‘it’s not for everyone’ and ‘respects their decision’.

She said: “Pet taxidermy has only really become more popular in the last five years or so, so it’s a very new thing to see for most people.

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“Some are more of a sentimental keepsake, others are on display resting in their beds however their owners wanted them preserved.

“Most of the requests I get are for full taxidermy mounts.

“Pelt preservation is less commonly asked for, but I still do quite a few pelts.”

The creator of the ornamental pelt advised that it be “stored on a shelf together with the pets ashes, collar, photos, etc. so they don’t require cleaning” despite the fact that animal pelts can be used as rugs.

The response has been mixed in the Instagram post’s comment section.

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One person added: “It’s beautiful. But I couldn’t deal with the pain of the dog I lost not being with us anymore. I lost my dog earlier this year, and I couldn’t imagine seeing her every day like this.”

Another person shared: “I’m sorry for your loss, I can imagine how the loss may feel. I wouldn’t be able to move on by doing this to my beloved. It’s not for everyone definitely.”

One user said: “Saw this on Facebook and the flood of backlash and had to come here and tell you how cool I think this is. 

“People grieve differently and preserve their pets differently. I love it.”

Maddy once more took to social media after the taxidermy went viral to defend the family’s choice to have their golden retriever preserved into a pelt.

She penned: “I create alternative pet memorials for those that want to keep a physical reminder of their pet. Some people choose only part of the pelt, some people choose the entire pelt. Some people prefer to keep their pets’ skull and cremate the rest.

“Some people want to preserve their pet sleeping forever as taxidermy. The pets I preserve are not ‘floor rugs’.

“They are stored alongside ashes, photos, artwork, collars and whatever other mementoes the owner has kept. It’s the same concept as storing an urn on the shelf.”

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You Can Get A Bed Extension For Your Pets So There’s Room For Everyone

All dog owners who enjoy cuddling up with their furry friends at night, please answer! One of the purest, if not the most delicate, methods to strengthen our bonds with our dogs is to sleep next to them. However, I’m confident you can understand the predicament of having your pet dog force you out of bed. Pet owners and their animals can only truly coexist in Slumberland if there is more than enough space for everyone. This wooden king bed from Country Creations Pine Furniture can be the perfect improvement for your current bed.

Country Creations Pine Furniture

As a “small family owned business” from Clintonville, Pennsylvania, Country Creations Pine Furniture describes itself. However, based on the 118K likes they presently have on Facebook, it appears that their handcrafted pine furniture has found a lot of enthusiasts. The furniture store sells custom-made desks, dressers, bookcases, and even wine cabinets in addition to beds.

Country Creations Pine Furniture

Your entire family, including your pets, will fit in this timber king bed.
A king-size bed is thought to be the most opulent place to sleep. After all, it is a bed designed to accommodate a king’s sleeping requirements. But the king bed that Country Creations Pine Furniture in Clintonville, Pennsylvania sells isn’t like any other king bed you’d find at a furniture store. Their king-size bed is larger than usual since it has a separate area for your animal sleeping companions. Additionally, it has numerous storage drawers at the foot of the bed, so you won’t want for space there either.

Country Creations Pine Furniture

The multifunctional bed has a rustic appearance. Each set includes two bedside tables, the main bed frame, and a sturdy headboard. Additionally, the dog bed extension for the bed has a small stairway. This function will be greatly appreciated by people who have small pets, old dogs, or young children who prefer to climb into bed with their parents.

Country Creations Pine Furniture

The bed is now for sale at the Clintonville, Pennsylvania-based Country Creations Pine Furniture store. Since they aren’t now offering to transport the large bed set, it is available for pick up. Additionally, it appears that the cost changes depending on the specification the client requests. In Early American, a king bed with the dog bed add-on and nightstands costs $1350. The price of a king bed set in Classic Grey then rises to $1200. And if you want a completely rustic design for your bedroom, you can also choose the king bed set with a set of drawers for $2050.

Country Creations Pine Furniture

The store estimates that the king size bed costs about $900 and the headboard costs $100. Really, it’s up to you. This incredibly useful bed set is available in any style and colour that you like. You only need to schedule a visit to their store or send them an email. You’ll need a very large vehicle to get this king size bed home because they haven’t specified whether the bed can be broken down for simple travel. Additionally, we assume that this sturdy bed cannot be broken down piece by piece.

Country Creations Pine Furniture




Surely this is the stuff dream are made of? A 12 feet wide bed!

Some parents swear by co-sleeping with their children, while others are not quite convinced.

This is why a new giant bed, capable of sleeping an entire family, is dividing opinion amongst mums and dads.

The Ace Collection is selling an actual 12-foot-wide bed, which is more than twice the size of a typical queen size bed at 144 inches broad and 80 inches long.

Because of its enormous size, it can comfortably accommodate two adults and up to three children for a nap!

But the bed isn’t the only thing that’s large; the price tag is as well, with each mattress costing $2,750 (£1,700).

Despite the fact that it is now only being sold in the United States, many people have resorted to social media to express their joy or anxiety.

Jane Gumble was ecstatic with the finished product. She stated, “

“I need that my two year old won’t leave my side an has a cheek to lie across the pillows so I’m down the end of the bed.”

But Alexis Mundy disagreed. She said: “Why do you have kids in bed at night? Children do better when they have their own bed in their own room! Also parents need adult time to talk and be husband and wife not just parents!”

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) updated its recommendations about co-sleeping in December 2014 and confirmed that although Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is rare, it does happen more often when parents or carers sleep with a baby on a bed, sofa or chair.

Others, however, managed to find other uses for the controversial bed.

Louise Brill said: “I need this. For me. Just me. And my cat. And pizza.”

Krystal on Twitter explained: “Forget co-sleeping/kids – looks great for fitting in several adults that would like to shared a bed! #polyamory”.

Personally we love it – but our only concern is actually getting the sheets on when making the bed…

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