The Real Reason ‘Walkers’ are called ‘Lays’ Everywhere Except The UK


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Walkers crisps are like the rockstars of British snacks, making appearances in lunchboxes and party bowls all over the UK. But guess what? We’re not selfish snack hoarders – we’ve happily shared this crispy goodness with the world.

It’s like a taste of home, even when you’re soaking up the sun on holiday. However if you’ve ventured beyond UK borders and picked up a foreign bag of Walkers crisps, you might’ve noticed something quirky. The bag doesn’t shout “Walkers” at you; instead, it proudly wears the name “Lays.” Say what?

Credit: Lays

So, why the crispy disguise when these chips travel abroad? That’s a question that’s set Reddit abuzz in a thread called ‘No Stupid Questions.’ Someone finally dared to ask, “Why is Walkers called Lays literally everywhere except the UK?”

In the groovy year of 1970, the Walker family decided to hand over their crisp empire to the American food producer, Standard Brands. Fast forward to 1989, and the iconic crisp brand got a new owner: Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo.

Credit: Walkers

After Lays, adopted Walkers, it began selling our beloved crisps worldwide under its own name. However these snacks aren’t exactly identical twins. Yep, ‘Walkers crisps and Lays crisps are not exactly the same things,’ according to the snack aficionados at One Pound Crisps.

Sure they are both the potato crisps and they share the same parent company, PepsiCo. But they’ve got their quirks – different flavors and different packaging, T

he big reveal here is that they go by different names in different parts of the globe. Walkers is the star in the UK and Ireland, while Lays takes the stage in most other places like the US, Canada, and Australia.

Credit: Lays

Now, you might be thinking, “Why the name swap?” Well, rumor has it that when Lays decided to spread the Walkers brand, they realized the name wasn’t exactly a hit with their new audience.

One smart Quora user explained, “Once Pepsi bought the English company Walkers and the American company Lays, they had a meeting on the name and which to adopt. They found that the name Walkers was too hard for non-native/fluent English speakers to say due to the W, K, and R.”

Credit: Walkers

In simpler terms, the name Walkers just had too many tongue-twisting sounds for non-English speakers. And let’s face it, we wouldn’t want anyone to get stuck trying to pronounce their favorite snacks. So, Lays it was, for the rest of the world.

A Reddit user wrote “Frito-Lay bought Walkers, a separate company at the time, in 1989. Because Walkers had 41 years of brand-name recognition, it was kept as the name… people in the UK already knew and were familiar with that brand.”

So, there you have it, crisp lovers – the snack saga of Walkers and Lays. Now, the next time you’re savoring a bag of Lays on your hotel balcony, you can wow your friends with this quirky fact. Your snack game just got a whole lot more interesting…Enjoy!

Man accidentally eats Walkers crisp worth £100,000

We’ve all done things we regret, but those mistakes rarely cost us £100,000.

Yep, a lot of zeroes, isn’t it?

Thankfully, the majority of us will never have to experience what it’s like to make a £100k mistake, but for Cardiff, Wales resident Cory, a TikToker and crisp enthusiast, it might already be too late.

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The 26-year-old has built a fan base on TikTok by posting a variety of food-related content, such as the well-known “what I eat in a day” videos.

Each social media user has undoubtedly seen dozens of these posts on various internet platforms because they deliver exactly what they promise. Yet, I bet you’ve never seen one as bad as Cory’s.

After posting a video of himself admitting that he had unintentionally eaten a Walkers crisp that was potentially worth £100,000, the TikToker became a hit on social media.

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Unfortunately, Cory had missed the advertisement on the crisp package that stated Walker’s was giving away £100,000 to a lucky winner who found the crisp with the perfect heart shape.

His fans didn’t start pointing out that he had exactly what Walker’s were searching for a heart-shaped crisp until after he released his “what I eat in a day” video online.

After having previously crunched on the crisp, Cory explained: “I posted my ‘What I eat in a day video’ not thinking anything of it, and then the video was flooded with comments talking about the £100k heart-shaped crisp.

“People were commenting on the video saying I’d eaten a £100k crisp, then I went live on TikTok and people were commenting to ask if I’d contacted Walkers.”

Cory admitted that it took him ‘around six days’ to realise his mistake.

“I started to look into it while I was with my girlfriend Lea and we watched my video back. We saw the crisp so we screenshotted it, cropped it and flipped it around – and low and behold it was the heart-shaped crisp,” he said.

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“At the time my, girlfriend had a packet of Walkers with her so we did a comparison and that’s when it hit me that I’d just eaten the £100k prize.”

While other people might have sobbed over the lost chance, Cory claimed that he and his partner Lea “burst into laughter.”

Thankfully, the TikToker was able to see the bright side of things and said: “I wasn’t even angry or anything like that, just so shocked. I can’t believe it happened and that I even caught it on camera.

“I told people at work and they said they didn’t believe me either until I showed them the video. It’s a good job I do my ‘what eat in a day’ videos so that I could prove it.”

Cory said he’d have spent the money on a holiday, house renovations and charity donations, but unfortunately those plans turned to dust as he bit down on the crisp.

When the Walkers spokeswoman learned about Cory’s misfortune, she said: “Such a shame that Cory has eaten that crisp! We do need to be fair to all the other Walkers fans that have followed our competition T&Cs and held onto their crisp for safekeeping, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to accept his entry this time round. There’s still time if he wants to enter!”

Here’s hope the crisp at least gave Cory a satisfying snack, even if it didn’t fill up his wallet.

People Are Only Just Realising How Crispy Seaweed Is Made – And It’s Blowing Their Minds

Many people enjoy eating crispy seaweed, but few are aware of what it looks like in its natural state. People were astonished by a TikToker after learning its true composition.

British people enjoy special treats, and many of us adore eating Chinese food.

There are simply too many delicious food options to choose from, including crispy beef, sweet and sour balls, and mountains of fried rice. If you’re a dedicated takeaway goer, at some point you’ve probably kicked the meal off with prawn crackers and crispy seaweed.

The crispy seaweed you’re eating isn’t truly seaweed, so get ready for a shock.

Since we’ve actually been eating cabbage and other similar greens for years, some are now saying they feel like they’ve been “lied to” their “whole life” as a result of the revelation.

Who would have guessed it, huh?

She showed her followers how to whip some up on a budget, as it’s one of her favourite items to order when she treats herself to a takeaway.

According to the content creator, the salty snack is “actually a lot easier to make” than she thought.

She wrote: “So the idea of crispy seaweed not actually being made of seaweed really baffled me, I felt lied to!

“I had to recreate it, and it was honestly so easy, all you need is green leaves and some seasonings!

“The fish flavour actually comes from ground-fried tuna, which is just crazy to me!

“Making this instantly gave me all the nostalgia and reminded me of Chinese takeaways I used to eat as a kid!”

In the short clip, you see her finely chopping up the greens and tells people to use the “cheapest farmer’s greens from Tesco etc”.

She also advises people to use cabbage if they can’t get their hands on greens.

She explained: “Fry the leaves for about two to three minutes, then scoop it out when it’s nice and crispy and give it a shake.

“Drain on a plate with some tissue and then add two teaspoons of sugar, a tiny sprinkle of salt and a little bit of MSG.

“To make it exactly how the Chinese takeaway does it we’re going to add some ground fried fish.”

It’s fair to say the end result looks totally delicious, and people thanked her for sharing her handy tips.

Nonetheless, people were left flabbergasted to find out what it’s actually made from.

One person commented: “Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! I know what I’m eating this weekend!”

Another added: “It’s an extra step but if you parboil the green leaf then squeeze out water then fry, it takes out the bitterness, that’s how we used to make it.”

Meanwhile, someone else asked if they could air fry it, and Angelica said she thinks it would be possible.

She also admitted the greens she bought cost just 71p.