People Are Getting Jewelry Made From Their Partners Semen!


‘Jizzy jewellery’ is taking off 

A Canadian jeweller who started taking samples of semen to use in jewelry-making has become a TikTok phenomenon.

Clients bring samples of cum to jeweller and sculptor Amanda Booth’s studio to be powdered, dehydrated, and combined with wearable clay beads or trinkets,

In order to determine how much semen would be required to create “jizzy jewelry,” Booth first tested the procedure on her own husband. She discovered that “at least a teaspoon” of liquid results in the ideal clay-to-cum ratio.

Last month, she shared a TikTok about creating her first jizzy pieces, and it quickly became popular. Since then, she said, people have been blowing up her DMs.


Cute #jizzyjewellery Heart ring wire wrapped in Sterling Silver ❤️

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It’s a kink thing for a lot of Booth’s clientele.

One of Booth’s customers claimed that she and her long-term boyfriend have bracelets that serve as “collars,” or items of jewellery that customarily signify a consensually possessive relationship, and that they are “loosely part of the BDSM community.”

“After doing more research into the Jizzy Jewelry store, we both agreed that it would be the perfect “collar” of the “you are mine” variety. It would be a private joke between us.

Another customer, Espy, revealed to VICE that she and her husband ordered a straightforward “pearl” pendant because they wanted something to represent the dominating and submissive facets of their relationship.

With the help of human bodily fluids and ashes, including breastmilk, loved ones’ or pets’ cremated remains, hair, and fur, Booth established her jewellery business in 2021.

Booth made a half-joking Facebook post about “jizzy jewelry” after someone asked if she had ever thought about including “man juices” in one of her TikTok videos. Soon after, Booth began receiving actual, serious orders for the jewelry.


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We have a lot of sex already, but when you are trying to get your partner to put sperm into something so you can send it off to be sculpted, that’s a whole other level of sex and intimacy, said one person who ordered a bass fish sculpture from Booth with her husband’s father’s ashes, a piece incorporating breast milk, and a thumb ring and bracelet with her husband’s cum.

“You know how you guys fool around when you’re trying to get pregnant like you’ve got something to prove? You have a goal in mind! That’s essentially how it felt. We are constantly seeking for fun and novel ways to spice up our sex lives!”

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