TikTok Star Yorkshire Peach Exposes The Lies All British People Tell


TikTok sensation Lisa Dollen aka Yorkshire Peach has broken the internet yet again. This time for exposing the entire British nation by hilariously calling out British lies.
Lisa is known for making content that compares the US with the UK, including taste tests, slang and cultural differences.

Watch video below

Just when you thought that no one would ever be able to tell you were lying, Yorkshire Peach is there telling the world your secrets.

Peach spills the beans and cracks the British language code by explaining: when your partner tells you they’re going out for 1 drink. “Don’t believe it.”

“No one goes out for 1, it doesn’t happen.” And she’s right!

Lisa originally shot to fame during lockdown in the UK with her mispronunciation of the word ‘Chicken Goujons’. While at a KFC drive through Lisa asked for a chicken finger and TikTok ate it up!

Yorkshire Peach is one of the most loved creators born from the pandemic. She continues to spread joy with constant positive energy and hilarious wit, which we can not get enough of.