Daredevils Doze In Hammocks 150ft Above The Alps


These thrill-seekers have have decided your standard Premier Inn or boutique city hotel is not for them. Taking to the skies nearly 150ft high. This form of ‘camping’ is certainly not for the fainthearted!

Photo: Pinterest

These self proclaimed ‘Slackers’ have a seriously strong stomachs as they hang on tightropes across the Italian Alps. The ‘highliners’ meet as part of a festival for like minded Adrenaline junkies at The Highline Meeting Festival, which takes place high above the Alps in gorgeous Monte Piana.

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Photo: Pinterest

Those that attend this unusual festival call themselves ‘slackers’ in reference to the slack lines they quite literally hang out on. At the festival you’ll find all the other more traditional things you’d find at other events; a bar, food amenities, musical jam sessions, yoga workshops – pretty standard right? Just with the added twist of then deciding to hang go out suspended amongst the clouds.

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For some of the festival goers hanging out in hammocks just isn’t quite enough! Some attendees hit the high ropes with some stomach churning tight rope walking, as their fellow camp mates kick back and watch with delight. You have to admit those views are not to be sniffed at and are simply breathtaking.

The mountain beauty spot was once a fighting battleground during World War I, where thousands of young soldiers lost their lives, so you can see why the founders of the festival wanted to breathe a much happier vibe into the chosen spot.

On the festival website the founders write this-

‘We discovered this mountain as a perfect place for high lining and wanted to stimulate this historical place in a new way. During the way soldiers of our age killed each other here and sorrow, hate and fear dictated their daily life.’

This group have a big passion and respect for the mountains and with those panoramic views, we can totally see why! If you’re not quite ready for this adventure yet, then check out these low key European Getaways!