Everything We Know About The Simpson Movie 2


“The Simpsons Movie 2: The Homer Zone”

The film revolves around The Simpsons as they embark on a mission to save Springfield and rescue the Chop Chops, with the assistance of Homer’s canine companions. While there has been speculation about a sequel, it’s important to note that it won’t happen while the TV series is still in production.

However, recent developments following Disney’s acquisition of a significant portion of Fox’s entertainment assets suggest that our hopes for a sequel might soon become a reality.

In 2014, James L. Brooks revealed that Fox had approached him regarding a second film, but there were no immediate plans in place. He stated, “We’ve been asked to [develop it], but we haven’t. We’re doing a lot of other stuff.”

In December 2014, just before the episode “The Man Who Came to Be Dinner” was set to air, Al Jean mentioned on Twitter that the episode had been withheld for consideration as material for a sequel film, given its cinematic quality. Jean also expressed concerns about the film’s canonical compatibility with the TV series and the potential backlash that might arise, suggesting the need for a “memory wipe.”

In July 2017, Silverman and Jean confirmed that the sequel was in the early stages of development and highlighted the toll the production of the first film had taken on the entire team.

On August 10, 2018, reports emerged of a sequel to “The Simpsons Movie” being in development.

On July 22, 2019, Groening expressed confidence that Disney would likely produce a sequel at some point.

On August 24, 2019, Al Jean mentioned discussions about a sequel with Disney.

Fast forward to September 12, 2021, when a YouTuber named Jenifer C proposed ideas for “The Simpsons Movie 2” as a crossover.

On October 22, 2022, it was revealed that “The Simpsons Movie 2” with a crossover theme was Jenifer C’s concept.

As of September 3, 2023, Jenifer C has completed the plot and music for “The Simpsons Movie 2: The Homer Zone.” The film is now set for release in 2024/25, following Season 36 of the TV series.

In this upcoming film, “The Simpsons” and their newfound friends from Pawston must come together to rescue the Chop Chops and safeguard Springfield. A new villain threatens to wreak havoc in Rizon, putting everyone at risk.

The plot, crafted by Jenifer C from July 28 to December 26, 2022, takes us on a journey that spans six years. Homer discovers a portal in his backyard, leading him to the canine-filled town of Pawston, where he forms new friendships. After returning to Springfield, Homer becomes entangled in a battle with a mysterious Green Ninja. However, the Chop Chops, Iro, Tetsuo, Jo, Neeko, and Master Knoki, intervene and share their tale of Magic Master’s threat to Rizon. Magic Master’s arrival in Springfield sets the stage for a showdown.

The film explores themes of heroism, teamwork, and redemption as Homer, his family, and their friends set out to rescue the Chop Chops and save Springfield from the clutches of Magic Master. Along the way, they encounter challenges, make new allies, and ultimately face a formidable adversary. The plot unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, leading to a climactic battle and a heartwarming conclusion.

The cast includes familiar voices from “The Simpsons” TV series, with Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, Michela Luci as Tag Barker, Callum Shoniker as Scooch Pooch, and a host of other talented actors portraying both classic and new characters.

The film’s soundtrack features a collection of original songs that complement the story’s emotional beats and action sequences.
Notable tracks include “Welcome To Pawston, Homer” by Paul Buckley, Reno Selmser & Zoe D’Andrea, “Hello Tag” by Hans Zimmer, and “Turn Up The Sunshine” by Diana Ross (feat. Tame Impala), among others.

“The Simpsons Movie 2: The Homer Zone” promises an exciting and heartwarming adventure that will captivate both fans of the series and newcomers alike. With its intriguing plot, beloved characters, and engaging soundtrack, it’s poised to be a highly anticipated cinematic experience. Stay tuned for its release in 2024/25, following the conclusion of Season 36 of “The Simpsons.”

Everything We Know About Elf 2

Get ready to dive into the curious case of “Elf 2” and what we found out about the sequel to the favourite and quintessentially Christmas movie!

It’s been almost 20 years since the jolly movie “Elf” starring Will Ferrell first graced our screens during the holidays. But hold on to your candy canes because as we unwrap the story behind this festive mystery of Elf 2.

Credit: ‘Elf’

Back in 2003, when “Elf” was being made, no one was quite sure if it would become the Christmas classic we know today. In fact, Will Ferrell, the guy who played Buddy the Elf, was worried that this elfin adventure might ruin his film career before it even started.

But guess what? “Elf” sleighed it at the box office, bringing in over $220 million, which shocked a lot of movie reviewers and since then it has gone on to become a favourite Christmas film for many who watch it every single year.

With “Elf” becoming an instant holiday hit, you’d think a sequel would be as inevitable as Santa delivering presents. But here’s the twist: “Elf 2” was actually in the works shortly after the first film’s release. However, this snowball soon melted away, and the blame was placed on Will Ferrell’s reluctance to don his elfin attire once more.

James Caan, who played Walter Hobbs in the movie, spilled the hot cocoa on this drama. He revealed that Ferrell was up for a sequel but only if Jon Favreau, the director of the original film, wasn’t at the helm. Apparently, Favreau and Ferrell didn’t have the coziest of relationships while making the first movie.

Caan even suggested that Ferrell had it written into his contract that Favreau couldn’t be the director for the sequel. Talk about North Pole-sized drama!

Now, Will Ferrell isn’t a stranger to comedy sequels. He’s given us gems like “Anchorman 2,” “Daddy’s Home 2,” and “Zoolander 2.” So, why was he so quick to pull the plug on a second Elf adventure? Well, Ferrell thought it would be “pathetic” to revisit Buddy the Elf all these years later.

In his words, trying to squeeze back into those elf tights would just look odd. Imagine a middle-aged elf spreading holiday cheer – it might be more awkward than funny.

But the real deal-breaker seems to be the script. Ferrell turned down the sequel because he believed it was a terrible rewrite of the original story. He didn’t want to make a movie that added nothing new to the tale. Instead of cashing in on a lackluster sequel and misleading fans, Ferrell decided to be honest and refused to put on his elf shoes again.

So, there you have it – “Elf 2” never happened because of a mix of behind-the-scenes drama, the fear of looking like an aging elf, and a script that just didn’t cut it. Will Ferrell might not be returning as Buddy the Elf, but hey, we can always rewatch the original movie and enjoy the holiday spirit it brings every year.