Woman Claims She’s Took ‘Most Exciting Photo Of Loch Ness Monster’ But Has Kept It Secret For Years


The most insane photo of the Loch Ness Monster has been captured!

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The most thrilling photo of the Loch Ness monster, according to one woman, has been kept a secret for years.

Chie Kelly, a photographer, took some fantastic pictures of an unknown huge eel-like monster slowly spinning on the surface of the fabled Scottish loch back in 2018, but she has only made them public now following the last massive search for Nessie.

The 51-year-old admitted she had previously been too afraid to exhibit them because she was afraid she would come under fire and be scrutinised for doing so.

Kelly, a translator, and her 68-year-old businessman husband Scott were taking pictures of the region at Dores when they observed something strange floating in the sea.

The mysterious object in question is said to have moved from right to left over a distance of around 100 metres before vanishing and never reappearing.

Despite initially choosing to keep the photos to herself, Kelly became inspired to share them in the wake of the largest hunt for Nessie in more than 50 years, in which hundreds of volunteers participated.

She gave Steve Feltham, a veteran Nessie hunter who has maintained a vigil for the Loch Ness Monster from his camp in Dores for more than 30 years, the images. Feltham holds the world record for the longest vigil.

Of course he was beyond amazed.

“My husband was originally from the Inverness area and Dores beach is a very special place to me as it where he used to take me when we first met,” said Kelly.

She recalled that fateful summer’s day: “We had lunch in the Dores Inn and then started walking around. I was just taking pictures with my Cannon camera of Scott and our daughter Alisa, who was then five, when about 200 metres from the shore, moving right to left at a steady speed was this creature.

“It was spinning and rolling at times. We never saw a head or neck. After a couple of minutes it just disappeared and we never saw it again.”

Since Kelly “never saw a head” and the animal “never came up again for air,” she initially speculated that it might be an otter, a pair of otters, or a seal.

“It was making this strange movement on the surface,” she went on, “We did not hear any sound. There were these strange shapes below the surface. I could not make out any colours – the water was dark.”

Kelly was able to note that the two pieces that were visible were “less than two metres long together,” despite the fact that she “could not accurately assess its length.”

She added: “I don’t know what it was but it was definitely a creature – an animal. At the time I did not want to face public ridicule by making the photographs public.

“But I met Steve Feltham at the weekend and showed him the images and he said immediately that they were ‘very interesting’.

“I have always believed there was something in Loch Ness. There is something unusual there, but I don’t know what it is. What I saw looked like a serpent. It was definitely a creature and it was moving.”

Speaking of the groundbreaking shots, Feltham exclaimed: “These are the most exciting surface pictures (of Nessie) I have seen.

“They are exactly the type of pictures I have been wanting to take for three decades. It is rare to see something so clear on the surface.”

He continued by saying Kelly’s photographs were “vindication” for everyone who holds the opinion that Loch Ness contains “something unexplained.”

“They are remarkable,” he continued. “I have studied them and still do not know what it is.

“We are lucky the Kellys have decided to go public at last. I have met the Kellys twice and they are absolutely genuine. I persuaded them that these pictures were so important they should make them public. They warrant further investigation. It is not driftwood – it is a moving creature and totally unexplained.”

What do you make of it?

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Drone Footage By Wild Camper Has ‘Spotted’ The ‘Loch Ness Monster’

Has the mystery finally been solved?

For years, the legend of the Loch Ness Monster has captivated the curious, beckoning intrepid explorers and thrill-seekers to unveil the secrets lurking beneath the mysterious Scottish waters. And just when we thought Nessie might remain an elusive enigma forever, a daring YouTuber stumbled upon a startling discovery.

Picture this: volunteers, fueled by a burning desire to settle the age-old debate once and for all, embark on the grandest ‘Nessie’ hunt in half a century. Their quest? To prove that something extraordinary indeed roams beneath the surface of Loch Ness.

Credit: Youtube / Richard Outdoors

While the jury is still out on the monster’s existence, the evidence in question is nothing short of jaw-dropping. The incredible footage, which made waves across the internet, was captured by none other than Richard Mavor, the mastermind behind the adventure-packed YouTube channel “Richard Outdoors”.

Richard who captures his adventure via drone was filming over the Scottish waters when he captured the mysterious footage. Completely unaware of what awaited him in the footage, Mavor went about his business, filming with his trusty 4k drone.

But it wasn’t until he reviewed back the footage that Richard spotted what might be the long sought after ‘monster‘. In his own words, Mavor exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe it. I had to rewind the footage several times and have watched it several times since. I don’t know what it is, but it certainly has the same shape as previous sightings of Nessie.”

Credit: Youtube / Richard Outdoors

With bated breath, the world gazed upon the mysterious figure swimming along the loch’s edge, an accidental discovery with potentially monumental implications. Mavor uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, unintentionally sparking a whirlwind of speculation and intrigue.

As he recalled the moment, he couldn’t help but wonder, “The more I watch it, I think ‘crikey! There really wasn’t anything in the area that could be. There was no driftwood or anything like that, so who knows.”

The riddle of the Loch Ness Monster has teased and tantalized since the 1930s when the first whispers of its existence echoed through the Scottish Highlands. Described as a large, long-necked creature, often boasting one or more humps peeking from the water’s depths, Nessie’s true nature remains stubbornly elusive, a mystery that has defied resolution.

Credit: Youtube / Richard Outdoors

Mavor’s video, initially posted on YouTube last September, has since amassed a staggering 200,000 views. But as well as Richard capturing this incredible footage, Mavor was part of the ‘Great Glen Canoe Challenge,’ a noble endeavor aimed at supporting the Alzheimer’s Society. The YouTube community rallied behind his dedication, applauding his commitment to raising awareness and funds for a worthy cause.

One viewer enthused, “Fantastic fun to watch this Richard! Your individual ‘interviews’ were a great idea. Drone shots were beautiful to see, and the shot that you got from the well-wisher of all of you in formation was spectacular!!!! What a super adventure! Thanks for once again for taking us along! And congratulations to you all!”

Another chimed in, “Well done, one and all. What an achievement! Glad you finished ‘all together’; that made it sort of special and ‘United against Dementia.’ Thanks for all your work on the water and in the ‘cutting room!'”

So, while Richard Mavor continues his quest to support the fight against Alzheimer’s, the tantalizing question of Nessie’s existence lingers, a riddle as enduring as the legend itself.

Will we ever uncover the truth behind the Loch Ness Monster? Only time will tell, as we navigate the murky waters of the unknown with our trusty drones and unwavering curiosity.

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