‘Time Traveller’ Who Correctly Predicted Euro 2020 Final Shares World Cup ‘Winner’


An alleged “time traveller” who correctly called the Euro 2020 final now claims to know who will win the World Cup.

@worldcuptimetraveller, a TikTok user, appears to have seen everything while the rest of us are still eagerly anticipating and wishing for a positive outcome as we watch the group stage matches.

The account—now using a different handle—predicted correctly that Italy will defeat the Three Lions in tears in the Euro 2020 championship game.


And they were correct, too.

The TikToker has essentially advised fans to have lesser expectations, even though there was a similar excitement surrounding England’s chances at this year’s World Cup in Qatar.

The “time traveller” shared a video on November 26 with the message, “Helping you out like last year.”

“Brazil just beat France in the 2022 World Cup Final,” reads the caption over a video of Brazil players celebrating a 2-1 victory.

Let’s hope that’s not the case for our sake.

Time traveller reveals that December 2022 will be a HUGE month for the human race.

To be fair, with the first and fourth FIFA World Rankings, respectively, Brazil and France are two of the strongest teams in the competition, making a potential meeting in the final on December 18 far from improbable.

However, since it’s football, everything is possible.

The time traveler’s TikTok video has received nearly 2 million likes and an astounding 19.5 million views to date.

In the comments, one person wrote: “Na it’s going to be Brazil v England in the final.”

Another said: “I’m coming back here on December 18.”

“Of all the things a time traveller could reveal, they decide to tell us who wins the World Cup,” added a third. “Thanks, mate.”

Another said: “I hope so. I’ve got Brazil in the office sweepstake.”

Brazil will win the World Cup, according to a time traveler’s prediction, with Richarlison scoring the game-winning goal. Source: Alamy

One rather trusting follower said: “£50 going on that scoreline.”

Another referenced another renowned predictor, the TV show Family Guy, saying: “No, Family Guy said Mexico v Portugal in the final.”

If the time traveller is real, they stand to gain enormous money. If you accurately predicted the winners, the final score, and the goal scorers as Marquinhos, Richarlison, and Griezmann, you’d get some very good odds.

Don’t worry too much about this ostensible warning from the future, though, if you support any national team other than Brazil.

A broken clock is accurate twice per day.

Time traveller reveals that December 2022 will be a HUGE month for the human race.

Although the account has occasionally made accurate forecasts in the past, they have apparently been known to “remove” videos where they’ve predicted incorrectly.

The account came under fire after a video appeared that claimed to have predicted the outcome of Qatar’s opening World Cup match against Ecuador, which Ecuador won 2-0.

One person wrote: “They make many private videos of different scores and when the match ends he makes the correct score public.”

Another said: “This was posted after they went 2-0 up!”


While there are plenty of questions over the legitimacy of the @worldcuptimetraveller, only time will tell if they’re spot on… again.

Time traveller reveals that December 2022 will be a HUGE month for the human race.