Robbie Williams Shows Off Trim Physique After Finding Peace With His Body Amid Struggles


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Only months after acknowledging that his weight is a “constant battle,” Robbie Williams showed off his trim figure while playing with his children outdoors.

The 49-year-old ex-Take That member was filmed by his wife Ayda, 43, as he played with his son outside in the sunshine while sporting only a pink hat and a pair of Louis Vuitton shorts.

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The musician chose to go topless, displaying his slim physique and tattooed torso.

Ayda uploaded the video to social media, adding the caption: “He’s got Robbie Williams’ eyes #zaddy #stillgotit #nofilterneeded #crush AWxx @robbiewilliams”.

After his recent weight loss, the singer expressed his happiness with himself, noting that it is a “constant fight” to stay in shape.

Robbie, who shed several pounds ahead of the release of his most recent album, claimed that his tendency to become addicted to particular food groups, like sugar, in moderation is due to his addictive personality.

In a recent interview, he admitted: “I have lost weight but it is a constant fight. Inside me there’s a giant person.

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“My whole being and my whole body wants me to go in the opposite direction and be morbidly obese.

“At the moment I am just eating less. It is a constant slog and it is not a natural way of being. For me, what is normal is being twice this size.”

Speaking to The Sun, he said he thanks “God for vanity” and his job for keeping him in shape, and that if he wasn’t a global superstar, he dreads to think what he would look like “and what I would become”. 

He went on to say that he has “an addictive nature that finds a loophole in sugar” and that he has never been able to fully cut sugar and refined flour out of his diet.

“There is no balance — moderation doesn’t exist”, he candidly confesses. “I do not have the ability to make that happen. It is either fat or thin.”

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Robbie also spoke of his journey towards self-acceptance after struggling in the past

He added: ‘I hated myself and I thought I couldn’t sing and looked like s**t. If anyone thought I was wandering round with an inflated sense of self-importance it is actually the opposite.”