Mystic Meg: Astrologer Dies Aged 80


Mystic Meg, a tv astrologer, Margaret Lake, passed away at the age of 80.
She has been writing horoscopes for the Sun for more than 20 years. In the 1990s, she was a well-known TV personality who appeared on the National Lottery.

The publication reports that Lake, who was hospitalised last month after contracting the flu, passed away in the early hours of Thursday morning.

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Her agent Dave Shapland said: “Without any question, she was Britain’s most famous astrologer by a million miles.

“Nobody came close to Meg in that respect. She was followed by millions in this country and also around the world. 

“She even became part of the English language – if a politician, somebody from showbiz or ordinary people in the street are asked a tricky question they will say ‘Who do you think I am, Mystic Meg?’

“It shows what an impact she made.”

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Illusionist and magician Uri Geller led the tributes to Mystic Meg on social media, noting that she was “so identifiable by name and image”.

“The quintessential fortune teller who brought mystery and mystique to millions of believers. She defied the dreary sceptics, as did her fans,” he wrote. “Much love and positive energy, Meg, on your onward journey.”

The Sun’s editor Victoria Newton said: “This is devastating news. We have lost an icon.

“For more than two decades Mystic Meg has been a must-read column and cemented her as Britain’s most famous astrologer.

“She was a true professional whose guidance helped our readers daily – our postbag bears testament to this.”

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Lake, who was born in 1942 in Lancashire, is arguably best known for hosting the BBC One programme Mystic Meg Predicts on the National Lottery from 1994 to 2000.
Before the numbers were selected, Mystic Meg gave a 45-second reading in which she attempted to foretell details about the upcoming lottery winner.

The BBC eliminated her regular role in a programme reorganisation in 1997, but the following year she returned for a sketch with host Bradley Walsh.

Prior to the News of the World’s closure in 2011, she worked as an astrologer for the newspaper, and her predications appeared in publications in the US and Australia.
She used runes, crystal balls, the I Ching, tarot, and numerology in her practise. Mystic Meg’s star sign, according to astrological charts, was a Leo.

She also released a number of books over the years, including Mystic Meg’s Lucky Numbers For Love Life And The Lottery and Mystic Meg’s Astrolife.

After concealing her ticket in a biscuit tin next to her bed, a former Lotto roll-over winner credited Mystic Meg with inspiring her to check it.

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After mother-of-four Mary Jones from Gwynedd, North Wales, won £9.3 million in 2004 she said: “I read Mystic Meg in The Sun and it said don’t forget to check your lottery ticket. I couldn’t believe it when I realised it had come true.”