Woman ‘Ruins People’s Childhoods’ After Showing How You’re Actually Supposed To Play Iconic Computer Game


Did you know how to play this game!

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I believe it’s reasonable to claim that everyone of us lost countless hours playing Minesweeper.

Think back to the many hours you spent attempting to master the classic computer game while seated in front of your PC.

Although the majority of us were raised to think that it was a game of chance, it now appears that there is a method for avoiding the “mines.”

Check it out here:

Yes, all those times you blew it by accidentally setting off one of those annoying booby traps could have been prevented.

I’m also kicking myself.

Some are not happy with a video that a woman posted that breaks down the steps to become a Minesweeper champion.

Some have expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that the TikTok user has “ruined their childhoods” by revealing the strategy of the obnoxious and highly addictive game.

Paisley, who uses the handle @p.hops, uploaded the video that walks players through the game’s mechanics.

She began: “I am about to make all your middle school dreams come true because I am going to tell you how to play this stupid game called mine something or other.

“You just touch something, touch anything ok. Now, you need to figure out where the little bombs are.”

This is when the exciting part begins.

Following your brave decision to gamble on a random square, the adjacent squares will start to show numbers.

This is where you’ve been making mistakes if you haven’t paid attention to these numbers—they truly show how many mines that square is in contact with.

This implies that by counting the number of mines that the squares adjacent to an unclicked square touch, you may determine which of the unclicked squares contain a mine. Magic.

To aid in keeping track, you may additionally annotate the squares you believe to be hiding bombs with a question mark or a flag.

Paisley signed off her tutorial saying: “That’s how you play it. You’re welcome!”

However, after seeing the footage on social media, several individuals didn’t hurry to thank her.

One wrote: “No honey. You’re supposed to randomly pick them. I will not allow you to ruin my childhood with this nonsense!”

A second said: “I’m kind of mad that she explained it.”

A third fumed: “That’s not how you play. You just click randomly and hope for the best. That’s the rules!”

Another laughed: “A whole generation played this game without understanding it.”

Others found it astounding that even after all these years, so many people still didn’t know how to play Minesweeper.

It is really embarrassing, I will admit. I’ll be playing a game in the corner.

1998 Argos Catalogue Prices Leave People Gobsmacked

Can you believe the price differences back then!

The cost of things from that era as shown in a TikTok video from 1998 that went popular on the internet has people shocked.

Nothing could compare to the excitement of meticulously reading every page of the Argos catalogue before a birthday or Christmas.

An antique CD player/speaker system, a drill, a set of tables and chairs, or even the famous red and yellow Little Tikes automobile that was the envy of every toddler might be seen on the front cover of the vintage catalogue.

Sadly, the Argos catalogue is now a thing of the past because the department store chain stopped selling its classic directory in July 2020 after 47 years.

An old Argos catalogue is thoroughly examined in a video that recently surfaced to identify every gaming console offered at the time.

Back then, the cost of the Nintendo Game Boy—complete with two games and a case—was £53.99. It’s clear how far we’ve come in terms of technical development when you take this into account!

The price of the first PlayStation was £129, which, believe it or not, included two controllers and a memory card.

If you can recall the era of the 14″ box TVs, be ready to be surprised by the upcoming reveal!

One of them cost a total of £229 in 1998, or you could choose to pay £9 per month in installments. Though we’re not exactly sure how many months you’d be responsible for that one…

The 20″ TV, which cost £429, was also an option for those who felt extremely indulgent.

Us Brits love to indulge in nostalgia, and the comments section is humming with people expressing their own recollections.

One user writes: “I used to cut out what I wanted to make a collage and hand it to my mum.”

A second user says: “You can get a 40” TV now for the same price as a 14” one back then!”


I used to circle things knowing fully well I’d never get them 😂 but this catalogue hits me in the feels #argoscatalogue #retrogamer #nostalgia #90skids #fyp #argos #retrogames #retro

♬ Agape – Nicholas Britell

“This genuinely makes me sad, I really miss the old days!” adds a third user.

In an official announcement regarding the discontinuation of the catalogue, an Argos representative stated: “We’re seeing an increasing shift towards digital shopping, using our mobile app, website and in-store browsers.”

“Closing the book on the catalogue will help us focus on delivering exciting and inspiring digital shopping experiences to meet the changing needs of our customers, both in-store and online.”

The History Of Nintendo Consoles

Contrary to popular belief, Nintendo’s original gaming console wasn’t the NES, and the company has a much longer history than most people realise!

Credit: Retromode.com

A clock, an alarm, or sometimes both were included on the Game & Watch series of handhelds, which only played one single game. There were no downloadable games or cartridges available. In fact, there was not even internet available for downloading them. You made a single game purchase and stuck with it – very different todays world!

In the years that followed, Nintendo established a distinct identity as the eccentric console producer and has become one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

(NES) Nintendo Entertainment System: 1983-1995

Credit: Nintendo

The NES was created for the home and supported 8-bit games. With over 60 million units sold, it was by far the most popular console of its era and contributed to North America’s recovery from the 1983 video game collapse, which saw an excess of consoles flood the market and personal computers grow more powerful.
Super Mario Bros, Ice Climber, Pinball, and Duck Hunt were among the launch titles for this console.

Game Boy: 1989-2003

Credit: VentureBeat.com

The Game Boy was one of the most popular gaming consoles ever produced. It was built by the same team that created the Game & Watch and merged elements of the first portable with swappable cartridges like the NES. 120 million copies are expected to have been sold of the 1998 releases of both the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour.

‘Tetris’ widely recognised as the title that contributed to the enormous sales, was included in the console’s initial launch package. Nintendo also produced a variety of Game Boy accessories, such as a printer and a magnifying screen with an integrated light. Future models also included Gameboy Advance, and the Gameboy Advance SP.

(SNES) Super Nintendo Entertainment System: 1990-1998

Credit: Entertainment Station

Despite stiff competition from the Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo’s second major home platform was likewise a smashing success. Even though Sega’s machine came out earlier, Nintendo’s selection of games ultimately made it the best-selling console of the 16-bit period, with roughly 50 million copies distributed globally.

With the Japanese version being known as the ‘Super Famicom’, Nintendo released other variants of the console for various markets with cartridges that could only be used in the country they were bought.

(N64) Nintendo 64: 1996-2003

Credit: Nintendo

The N64 was Nintendo’s final home platform that require cartridges, and its name refers to the 64-bit CPU it used. Although it was successful when it first came out, it couldn’t quite match the success of its predecessors because of competition from the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Yet, the N64 is still remembered as a superb Nintendo gaming system with to titles like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie and Goldeneye 007.

(GC) Nintendo GameCube: 2001-2007

Credit: Nintendo

In order to compete with the Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo chose the optical disc format for the GameCube. Although the controller was modified and game progress could be saved to memory cards, sales were sadly not strong. Despite Mario and Zelda games making an appearance, there wasn’t much anticipation for this instalment in the Nintendo franchise.

Nintendo DS: 2004-2014

Credit: Nintendo

With the launch of the DS, Nintendo made the decision to entirely revamp their handheld approach by releasing a new dual-screen layout that developed from the original Game & Watch. While the top display was only an LCD screen for seeing what you were doing, the bottom panel included a touchscreen and could be used to operate games.

The Sony PSP was its main opponent, but the Nintendo DS line eventually overtook it as the most popular line of portable game consoles ever because to its backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance games and a few evolution models with better performance and features!

A few different version were released over the years including the DS Lite and the DS XL.

Nintendo Wii: 2006-2013

Credit: Nintendo

The Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 posed formidable competition for Nintendo, but the Wii provided something fresh and intriguing that the other platforms lacked.

With the Wii Remote, which the system monitored in three dimensions, the Wii ushers in a new era of motion gaming. Nintendo also developed the Wii Balance Board, which was utilised with fitness games. For a while, it was the most popular living room machine because to its family-friendly design and game releases, and there were extensive waiting lists for this console as a result of the great demand it experienced after introduction.

Nintendo 3DS: 2011 – Present

Credit: Nintendo

In order to expand on the DS handheld idea, Nintendo resorted to a visual innovation that was well-liked at the time: 3D. In contrast to similar picture technology used on TVs and other devices, it turned the top screen of its clamshell gadget in to a 3D screen without the use of glasses.

Although the majority thought this performance was lacklustre and disappointing, it nonetheless managed to sell millions of copies worldwide. Since then, it has received updates in the shape of a larger XL model, improved versions, and a 2D version that is suitable for younger children.

Nintendo Wii U: 2012-2016

Credit: Nintendo

Although it didn’t perform as well as its rivals, the Wii U was Nintendo’s response to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the Wii’s successor. It is largely controlled with the touchscreen-enabled Wii U GamePad and was the first Nintendo system to offer high-definition graphics.

Although the Wii U received favourable reviews at first, it has now come to be seen as huge flop within the gaming industry. Since its release, it has sold just over 13 million units, making it one of Nintendo’s poorest selling consoles.

Nintendo Switch (2021 – Present)

Credit: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch, which combines the best aspects of Nintendo’s portable and console gaming skills into a system that gamers can use at home as a console or on the go as a handheld, brings us up to the present day.

Additionally, Nintendo introduced the Switch Lite, a less expensive version that is only a handheld, as well as an updated Switch OLED model in 2021 with a larger screen and a redesigned dock that now has an ethernet port.

We can’t wait to see what Nintendo comes up with next as they continue to push the boundaries with game consoles that combine cutting-edge technology with enjoyable family entertainment!

Cover Image stock photos from Nintendo

Super Nintendo World Set To Open At Universal Studios

The opening for Universal Studios Hollywood’s much-anticipated expansion has been confirmed today on Mario day a.k.a MAR10!

Universal Studios Holiday has now announced the opening of its own Super Nintendo World expansion in 2023. When will it be in 2023? So far, the corporation has been tight-lipped. However, the park’s willingness to commit to a year is the first sign that progress is nearing completion!

The area, which will be located in the Lower Lot sector of the Los Angeles theme park, will be next to attractions such as Jurassic Park/World and Transformers, which are both multibillion-dollar franchises. Nintendo’s market capitalization is estimated to be around $60 billion.

In 2016, the immersive Super Nintendo World was revealed, and construction began in 2018. It will centre on the major characters and features that have enthralled generations of Nintendo game lovers for the past four decades. In 1983, the Mario Bros. arcade game was released.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, like its Japanese counterpart, will “transport theme park tourists and Nintendo enthusiasts into the world of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach to become part of their captivating universe.”

Photo: Kyodo

The Universal studios theme park may not be giving too much away at this stage, apart from confirming the Super Nintendo World itself WILL open. But, the Japan park is up and running and gives you a good insight on what’s instore!

Super Nintendo World is the world’s first Nintendo-themed land, located in Osaka, Japan’s Universal Studios. This brand-new theme park, which first opened its doors in March 2021, is a Nintendo fan’s dream come true!

If you’ve ever dreamed of jumping into a green warp pipe from a Super Mario Bros game or getting behind the wheel of a Mario Kart, your day has FINALLY arrived!

Super Nintendo World is extremely popular, and getting a free timed-entry ticket or a paid Express Pass is required to visit. You’ll have guaranteed entrance into the park and shorter lines at the attractions with an Express Pass! In addition to a timed-entry ticket for Super Nintendo World, you’ll need a day ticket (or annual pass) to enter into Universal Studios Japan.

Photo: Kyodo/via REUTERS

Defeat your opponents in a race to the finish line! Cutting-edge technology has been used to bring iconic Mario Kart courses to life. Defeat your foes with shells! With Mario and Peach, aim for the finish line! You’ll get a burst of excitement from the world’s first interactive Mario Kart theme park attraction!

Photo: Youtube.com

Hold on to Yoshi as you go on a treasure expedition to find Captain Toad! Find three mystery eggs using the Captain’s map! Mount Beanpole provides a wonderful perspective of the Mushroom Kingdom while providing a pleasant trip for the entire family. This is one of Nintendo World most popular rides with the Iconic Character, Yoshi.

Photo: Timeout.com

Nintendo and Universal launched their creative relationship in May 2015, with plans to build a unique Nintendo-themed area at Universal Studios Japan and both American facilities the following year. In June 2017, work on the Universal Studios Japan region began. Following multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the land finally opened on March 18, 2021 at Universal Studios Japan.

Since it’s opening it has received fantastic reviews, that confirms it is in fact, just as good as it looks!

We cannot wait for the Universal Hollywood version of the Nintendo park to open and we will be sure to keep you update of the exact date. Watch this space, it won’t be long…

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