Madonna Accused Of Doing Poppers During TikTok Livestream With Terri Joe


Madonna’s appearance to sniff something during a live broadcast astounded hundreds of TikTok fans.

The host of the live event, TikToker Psyiconic, who goes by the stage name Terri Joe, invited the Material Girl singer to join them on a livestream.

Terri Joe is a devout Southern belle who hosts a chat show on the social media platform on everything related to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fans sat down for what they believed would be a raucous interview this time, and it’s a tumultuous journey.

Things changed, though, when Madonna took out a tiny brown bottle and started inhaling whatever was pouring out of it.
Terri Joe was in a state of shock and questioned, “Did you just do poppers?”
“Wooh, I’ve never done it before,” Madonna retorted.
She suddenly appeared to feel a surge in her mind. Poppers can cause head rushes and momentary wooziness as side effects (aka amyl nitrate).
Death is a much more severe adverse effect of poppers, which are classified as a Schedule Four toxin by the US Poisons Standard.
Numerous users on social media believed the 64-year-old was sniffing poppers, despite the fact that it is unknown what he was doing with the bottle.

One user said: “I can’t believe I witnessed Madonna doing poppers live on TikTok.” A second added: “Madonna doing poppers live on a TikTok while getting her hair done is so funny to me.”A Third said: “Madonna doing poppers (allegedly) on live stream is the type of inspiration I needed today.”

However, Madonna refuted Terri Joe’s scandalous suggestion, as any righteous Southern belle would. “No. I am a good, Christian girl,” the ‘Like A Virgin’ singer replied. “Are y’all right?” Terri Joe asked, before the conversation on both sides descended into snorts of laughter.

When Madonna took a second hit, Terri Joe attempted to confirm if the singer was huffing ‘holy water’.

Madonna made her second appearance on Terri Joe’s show for the interview, indicating that she enjoyed herself so much that one appearance wasn’t enough. The 64-year-old disclosed on TikTok a few weeks prior to the event that she is “homosexual.” She briefed her fans on her sexual orientation in a five-second video clip. Madonna can be seen carrying a set of bright pink underwear in the video.
The video’s description reads, “If I miss, I’m gay.”
She then threw the underwear spectacularly off course in the direction of a trash can. She shrugged as the video came to a close.