Fashion Fans Are Just Realising They’ve Been Pronouncing Shein Wrong For YEARS


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The correct method to pronounce Shein has finally been discovered, and people are shocked that it took them so long to learn it.

Many women who desire stylish clothing on a budget adore the well-known clothing website.

Despite the several massive hauls, it turns out that many of their admirers are unable to pronounce their name.

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To put an end to the uncertainty once and for all, a customer tweeted the following.

The woman, who goes by the name of Ruthless on Twitter, said: “How do we pronounce Shein?”

In response the company replied: “It’s pronounced SHE-in.”

But many people were blown away by this revelation after spending years saying it differently.

Katelyn Jensen took to TikTok to share her views. 

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Other fashion fans have been sharing their reaction to the news.

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One person said:”If you say she-in really fast it sounds like sheen so Imma still be saying sheen.” 

Another said: “It’s still sheen to me too!”

A third said: “No I will always say it sheen.”