Shopper’s Mind Blown After Realising What The Hook On Trollies Are For


When shoppers realised what the hook on trollies was for, their minds were blown.

There will always be people looking for methods to simplify their trips to the store.

Some people have been offering advice on using a trolley without a one-pound coin.

You can now carry one less item thanks to a trick disclosed by one shopping chain.

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Where to put one’s handbag and shopping bag is a common issue when going shopping.

Are you one of those people that throws their luggage in the bottom of the cart and bury it under everything else?

Or do you hold it in one hand while attempting to carry out all of your shopping?

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Woolworths Australia has posted a tip on TikTok that all customers should take advantage of.

The store explains in a quick video: “Woolworths trolley hack.

“On the back of every trolley, there is a courtesy hook so you can hang your hat or your reusable bags, so you don’t have to carry them around the store.”

So there you have it, a simple hook on the back of a shopping cart may be really useful.

It turns out that a lot of individuals were unaware of this as well, and they have expressed their shock on social media.

Someone commented: “I was pleased when I discovered that hook. And I do hang my shopping bags there. Very good spot to put them.”

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A second added: “I only just discovered that like only a month ago – and I’ve been using trolleys for years… who woulda known huh?”

However, some people have dismissed this new discovery, with one claiming that this was common knowledge as they commented: “I thought everyone knew that.”

Another person said: “Another utterly astounding ‘hack’. ‘I had NO IDEA OMG’ video on Facebook as, this time, some genius discovers that the bag hook on a shopping trolley is in actual fact a hook for hanging bags.

“Never mind New Year motivations, I could probably power myself through this entire year with the white hot rage I feel for folk discovering products’ intended uses several decades into their ridiculous lives.”

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