Billie Eilish Opens Up About Sexuality As She’s ‘Physically Attracted’ To Them


In a startling revelation, Billie Eilish has candidly shared her attraction to women in a recent interview, breaking new ground in her openness about her personal life.

Speaking with Variety, the ‘Bad Guy’ singer disclosed that, despite feeling a disconnect with girls in the past, she is drawn to women. Eilish expressed deep affection for women, not only on a personal level but also admitted to being physically attracted to them. She confessed, “I love them as people. I’m attracted to them as people. I’m attracted to them for real.”

However, the shocking revelation took an unexpected turn as Eilish confessed to feeling an overwhelming intimidation by women, acknowledging their beauty and presence. The pop sensation’s honesty about the complexities of her feelings adds a layer of intrigue to her public persona.

This revelation comes in the wake of Eilish’s massive success with the song ‘What Was I Made For?’ from the Barbie movie, earning Grammy nominations for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Her influence extended to the global phenomenon on TikTok, where the song became a unifying trend. Eilish expressed her surprise at the song’s impact, emphasizing the joy of bringing people together.

Delving into her journey in the spotlight since the age of 13, Eilish shared insights into her evolving relationship with body image. She addressed the scrutiny she faced as a young female music star, shedding light on the early fashion choices that were driven by a desire to keep her body private. Eilish admitted, “I didn’t want people to have access to my body, even visually,” revealing vulnerability and insecurity during the initial years of her career.

Opening up about her self-perception, Eilish disclosed a complex relationship with femininity, stating, “I’ve never felt like a woman, to be honest with you. I’ve never felt desirable. I’ve never felt feminine.” The singer candidly admitted to having to convince herself of her own attractiveness, adding a surprising layer to the public image she presents.

Billie Eilish’s shocking revelations about her attraction to women, coupled with her reflections on body image and femininity, add depth to her narrative, challenging stereotypes and inviting a closer look at the complexities of her identity.