People Are Only Just Realising How Crispy Seaweed Is Made – And It’s Blowing Their Minds


Many people enjoy eating crispy seaweed, but few are aware of what it looks like in its natural state. People were astonished by a TikToker after learning its true composition.

British people enjoy special treats, and many of us adore eating Chinese food.

There are simply too many delicious food options to choose from, including crispy beef, sweet and sour balls, and mountains of fried rice. If you’re a dedicated takeaway goer, at some point you’ve probably kicked the meal off with prawn crackers and crispy seaweed.

The crispy seaweed you’re eating isn’t truly seaweed, so get ready for a shock.

Since we’ve actually been eating cabbage and other similar greens for years, some are now saying they feel like they’ve been “lied to” their “whole life” as a result of the revelation.

Who would have guessed it, huh?

She showed her followers how to whip some up on a budget, as it’s one of her favourite items to order when she treats herself to a takeaway.

According to the content creator, the salty snack is “actually a lot easier to make” than she thought.

She wrote: “So the idea of crispy seaweed not actually being made of seaweed really baffled me, I felt lied to!

“I had to recreate it, and it was honestly so easy, all you need is green leaves and some seasonings!

“The fish flavour actually comes from ground-fried tuna, which is just crazy to me!

“Making this instantly gave me all the nostalgia and reminded me of Chinese takeaways I used to eat as a kid!”

In the short clip, you see her finely chopping up the greens and tells people to use the “cheapest farmer’s greens from Tesco etc”.

She also advises people to use cabbage if they can’t get their hands on greens.

She explained: “Fry the leaves for about two to three minutes, then scoop it out when it’s nice and crispy and give it a shake.

“Drain on a plate with some tissue and then add two teaspoons of sugar, a tiny sprinkle of salt and a little bit of MSG.

“To make it exactly how the Chinese takeaway does it we’re going to add some ground fried fish.”

It’s fair to say the end result looks totally delicious, and people thanked her for sharing her handy tips.

Nonetheless, people were left flabbergasted to find out what it’s actually made from.

One person commented: “Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! I know what I’m eating this weekend!”

Another added: “It’s an extra step but if you parboil the green leaf then squeeze out water then fry, it takes out the bitterness, that’s how we used to make it.”

Meanwhile, someone else asked if they could air fry it, and Angelica said she thinks it would be possible.

She also admitted the greens she bought cost just 71p.

“That looks so good! My local has put theirs up to £5”, someone else chirped in.