DIY Dad Transforms Rundown Family Home And Adds £175K In Value


You would think that Alex Dodman is a forecast analyst for the NHS Ambulance Service, but you would be wrong. He is actually, Batma…no. He is not a superhero, but he has done something equally noteworthy as killing the Penguin: Alex has redone his entire house himself in only a year.

A forecast analyst for the NHS Ambulance Service by day, superhero with DYI superpowers by night, Alex smiles from his soon to be finished DIY swimming pool.

In his spare time, Alex is an amateur renovator who became an online sensation after redoing his family home on his own.

With his partner, Sarah, Alex bought a two-bedroom home in Saffron Walden, Essex in 2017. The couple currently lives there with their two children.

As the family grew, the house grew along and now boasts four bedrooms, a large open plan kitchen with a gym a roofed pergola and a swimming pool in its final stages of development.

Finishing touches in the pool.

The transformation cost the couple £100,000. With a price of purchase of £250,000 and a current value of £525,000, the house is expected to turn an estimated profit of £175,000 if they decide to sell. For super DIY heroes like Alex, bad cement is the only kryptonite.

Alex told the Mail Online:

“Originally, our home had two bedrooms but we extended and converted it so that it now has four bedrooms.

“We started renovating it straight away because it was a complete wreck.

“We had to live in a rented flat for four months until we could get the property to a liveable condition. We completely gutted it and ripped everything out, including the plumbing and electrics.”

He continued to explain that the family were able to move back into their home once the master bedroom was finished.

Alex said: “The first room I got finished was the main bedroom upstairs and as this had an en suite bathroom.

“We were able to move out of our rented flat and basically just live in that bedroom and cook with a microwave in there.”

After living in the master bedroom for two and half weeks, Alex took time off work (not off his work solving crimes, but off his work as a forecast analyst for the Ambulance service) to finish the biggest part of the renovation: the kitchen.

Alex fitted the kitchen himself saving the family $3,500.

And if his super DIY powers weren’t enough, Alex also has some mean kitchen-fitting skills. By doing it himself, Alex saved the family a staggering £3,500.

Alex told: “Without a doubt, my favourite part of the house is the kitchen which opens up into the patio and the pizza oven.

“Although it might soon be the top of the garden once I’ve finished building the swimming pool.”

On his Instagram with 125k followers, Super Alex posts incredibly satisfying videos with step by step of his grand deeds.

About the swimming pool, he said: “I said as a joke over Christmas I’ll build a swimming pool in the back garden as my next project, here we are on January 9th mini digger just delivered to dig it out.

“I need to stop taking my jokes so seriously #stupidideasarethebest”