5 Home Renovations That Led To Very Unusual Discoveries


Many of us took up home renovations during lockdown. Some of us took up watching home renovation shows. And we are thrilled by the anthropological breakthroughs and ground-breaking discoveries that renovators are finding in their homes.

We delight at the forced scripts, we cry at the joys of impeccable mahogany finish, we laugh and cherish each little piece of ugly trinket used for decoration.

Here are 5 home renovations that led to exciting discoveries:

  1. Tiktok is rammed with creepy household discoveries and this secret basement is no exception. The first-person video takes us to a torn-out kitchen cupboard. On the floor, we see a covered up concrete staircase leading to the scariest cellar ever witnessed on Earth. It is sombre, it is mysterious, it is scary. The eerie sound effects were not in the original footage, in case you are wondering.
  1. This family found a giant monopoly board after tearing up the carpet. Reddit user Yamaha234’s photo garnered thousands of comments from users. He said: “While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant monopoly board”. Then added:  “Trying to convince them to cover it in epoxy and do the rest of the flooring around it how they originally wanted”.

One user said that game boards painted or tiled onto basement floors were actually a thing in mid-50s America. It is a great selling point to have a giant monopoly board in your living room, the only problem would be if you are more of a scrabble person.

  1. David Olson said he uncovered 158 bowling balls – and still counting – after demolishing the concrete of the porch at his home in Norton Shores, EUA. Some of the balls dated as far back as the 50s which is around the date when the house was built.

Olson sees nothing but more bowling balls for the future:

“Surrounding the cement staircase is a patio made of paver blocks, and a few were unlevel so I took them out… and I ran into a few more balls,” he said. “I’m about 75% sure that there are just as many balls in the ground as there are out, maybe even more.”

If you want to watch the mystery unravel in real-time, Olson has created a Facebook group that has reached nearly 7k members so far.

  1. Alexandra Poulos, owner of this white colonial-style house in Pennsylvania, USA has discovered a basement that might have been part of an old underground railroad. The finding happened during maintenance works – Poulos had heard rumours of a secret basement and asked workers to dig a little deeper. According to a historian, the historical connection would have to be further investigated, but we – and the ghosts – are still excited about the hunt.
  1. Sometimes, creepiness is in the eye of the beholder. Lindsay Grummett (oh TikTok, you again) bought a 148-year-old house and found a secret staircase behind a door. After nosing around like a pro and even gathering information from a neighbour who had seen her viral TikTok video, Grummett discovered the staircase had been initially planned to lead to the second floor of the house. Nowadays, it is just an empty space behind her toilet room.

Watch part 1 of the video here.

Watch part 2 here.