Sheds And Garages Turned Into Pubs


A cascade of DIY backyard pubs has taken over the internet during lockdown making us all excited – as well as permanently tipsy.

The British have a long love affair with beer and, by extension, with the pubs where their loved beer is served. Pubs go as far back as to the Roman taverns and the Anglo Saxons would drink beer to hydrate as fresh water was too polluted to drink. We know that if it’s Roman, it’s important so… pubs!

It is no wonder, then, that people started building their own pub once they were prevented from visiting their local during lockdown. It’s almost like a genetic thing. It’s evolutionary, even – survival of the beerest.

From punny names to traditional furniture, from Harry Potter to secret entrances, we have found you the most exciting backyard pubs in the history of drunken humanity.

The Pour Decisions Inn

Created by Hayley Haluszczak, this pub is made for those with an IPA+ blood type. The festive floral walls are great to test how drunk you are – if they’re twirling around, maybe it’s time to have another one!

The décor is lush with the pink neon lights – if you don’t have no problem with double negatives, this is the best atmosphere. If you do have a problem with double negatives, maybe have a drink to chill.

After all, as a wise philosopher once said: “The pub is the natural equalizer where grammar nazis get drunk and learn to love everyone despite any double negative grievances.”

Credit: Hayley Haluszczak

The Staying Inn

This was a conversion project by Octavia Chic so not strictly a DIY kinda deal. The Bivon family hired a company to give them a bit of the flair of the social life but at the house – kinda like a Deliveroo for socializing with friends over a pint.

The Staying Inn looks all fancy and respectful because of the frenchic browning wax which has been applied to the dark-looking wood pieces. And the incredible paint colour is Stiffkey blue farrow and ball, whatever that means.

Credit: Octavia Chic
Credit: Octavia Chic

A Pub With a Secret Door

The Crab is a storeroom converted into a village pub which you enter via a secret door in the cellar. Built by Gary Roden, it looks like a proper pub rather than a man cave.

If I had one of these during lockdown, I would probably have missed the lifting of lockdown. I bet not even the Romans had one of those in their time.

Can you find the secret door in the picture?

Credit: Gary Roden
The Crab before it got crabby. Credit: Gary Roden

Harry Potter Pub

There is no law saying that Harry Potter is only for children and if there were, I would break it every single day.

The menu on this one includes Butter Beer and Dumbledore’s Dram. I wonder what Harry’s Hooch would be made of. This may be a muggle’s pub, but it looks magical.

Credti: Dan Harrison and Mark Parkinson

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