People Are Only Just Finding Out You Don’t Need £1 Coins To Use A Trolley


It turns out that a shopping cart can be used without a £1 coin.

Yes, in breaking news that will undoubtedly save your Saturday shopping, a TikToker is showing us how to use the trolley system effectively without any spare pounds.


When some lady shows you this at tesco how am i only just learning this 😂😂 @Claudia Blakeman🦋

♬ original sound – Tasha💖

Get ready to take notes, as supermarket hero @tasha3212 shared her hack for getting a trolley.

Taking to TikTok, the content creator explained that a helpful stranger shared the trick: “When some lady shows you this at Tesco. How am I only just learning this?”

While Tasha had access to other change, she didn’t have the much-needed £1 coin which she required to unlock the trolley – or so she thought.

Stacking two 20p coins on top of each other, Tasha showed how you can simply slot them both into the slot which is usually reserved for £1 coins.

Once she pushed them into the slot, out came the lock, prompting a slew of commenters to commend the woman for trying the hack.

Some loved the helpful trick: “Fabulous,” one person commented beneath the video, while another onlooker added: “I have to try that one.”

Another shared their own trick, adding: “The coin ones without the tray you can use a round end door key.”

While others weren’t exactly convinced: “Sorry but if I haven’t got 1 £1 coin how do you think I’m gonna have 2 20ps?” And to be fair, that’s a pretty good point.

One person reported it didn’t function at some supermarkets, “Doesn’t work at Aldi, I ended entering using my house key,” while another said it didn’t work everywhere.
“Tried this today at Aldi…it didn’t work….had to get a staff member to fetch me a trolley out as I died of embarrassment,” a third person said, adding that the “hack” had really caused them a great deal of discomfort.
One mother found out that her shopping trip will never be the same again after learning about the hidden function that her cart had in another article about hidden supermarket trolley hacks.
On her TikTok account, Money Mum displayed the two hoops at the front of a trolley and disclosed their true function. If we do say so ourselves, we’re quite shocked.